Ain't No Easy Heartbreak

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As a daughter of the prestigious Minatozaki family, Sana was expected to follow all of the instructions and restrictions laid out for her by the clan; an example being the case that if her parents happened to disapprove of her significant other, she'd have to end her relationship with them immediately.

Sana has been dating Mina, a girl of relatively humble background, for a few weeks now. But after a painfully awkward dinner with her parents, the Minatozakis quickly decide that they don't see Mina fit for their daughter. Thus, Sana has to stop seeing Mina, within two weeks at the latest. She has broken things off with her lovers countless times before, so it should be just as easy for her to break up with Mina.

(If only she weren't so darn lovable.)




♡ For rainbowfluff, every author's low key favorite reader and also the most enthusiastic 2na shipper I know ♡


Credit and thanks to mrs_shawty of MunchieS (M.S) Graphic Shop for the poster and background!

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AudreyPerez #1
Chapter 2: Author-nim, when will you update? Its been months :(((
Chapter 2: Aigoo~ momo ah.. hahaha..
Kissing 1 points #3
Chapter 2: The funniest break up attempt to do ever i can't wait for next chapter by the way I like your story
Chapter 2: Oh I love this story
When will u update authornim? :(
[deactivated] 1 points #5
Chapter 2: It's funny but I am way far too sad ahead ㅜㅜ How would they cope with this? *sighs*
1 points #6
Chapter 2: Hilarious, poor Sana just doesn't have the heart to drop Mina off like that. Maybe it's fate (or extreme luck) that Sana accidentally sent the breakup text to Momo instead and when the message didn't get to Mina due to poor signal. :P
trshcn 1 points #7
Chapter 2: Sana will never be able to do it because they're destined to be together ♡
The part where sana misses mina even when they are together broke my heart :( just imagine the pain if they ended up breaking
But samo cracked me up haha momo does not deserve that xD
Thanks a lot for the update ❤
JansJY08 1 points #8
Chapter 2: Thanks for the update.. Sana is just trying so hard. N samo’s texts r funny..Just hope that sana can fight for their love.. Will wait for the nxt update!!:)
15 streak 1 points #9
Chapter 2: Poor Momo, Sana doesn't wanna be her friend XD
Ahhhhh is so interesting ~~~ I hope you continue it XD
1 points #10
Chapter 2: Man, I'm really enjoying this story so far! Poor Momo lmao
I wonder how Sana will handle the situation, looking forward to the next chapter! <3