Protect me Not

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She was in danger. People were looking for her. She was the key to everything, and she didn’t even know it.They are part of a hidden force in the Army, and their duty will be to protect her from the people who want her body. Their plan? Do whatever it takes to succeed. MarkxOc feat Badass!GOT7



Choi Maeri is a university student. Her life is plain, but everything turns upside down when a group of 7 boys from a Secret Force Army are given the mission to protect her from a criminal organization which intentions are no good.

AU! Multichaptered fanfiction

Mark x Original Character and Got7 as a group or badass soldiers.



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laroka0104 #1
Chapter 31: Miss this authornim.. u.u
Ptrayyln #2
OH MY GOD........
this fanfic is just........
i really did marathon for 2 days hahahaha
i really love this kind of story, i knew from the start as i read the genre was "ACTION" huaaaaaaaaaa
this is really my type:) in every intense part there ll be always funny moment hahaha
hope you get free time soon so you can continue this story:)
i know this is not so related but please add yugjackbam moment hihihihi
hottest1158 #3
Chapter 31: I MISS YOU ㅠㅜ its when ure busy cos i dont hv any good fics to read!
Thanks for this chapter, its like a break frm the prev intense chapter :)
Whatchu gonna do with my fav couple!! Dont be too mean okay xD
HesOnTOP #4
Chapter 31: Once the rest of the boys notice Mark's behaviour there's gonna be teasing coming :D
Chapter 31: Ya know,I always get frustrated by the ending
Chapter 30: Nooo don't end so soon!! I don't want to dangerously inch closer to the ending!! I refussssseeeee!! I'm Mark because everything happened so quick that I barely had any time to react. My initial reaction was gettind mad at Mark because I had this bad feeling something would happen to Maeri and he should've went to her first. But thank God! Nothinf bad happened. Wow the chapter was full of action and violence. The part where Mark stabbed the bad guy right in the eye was so cool! I was so proud of Mark. Oh gosh, poor Maeriiiii. She shot a person and now she's traumatized. Ah my heart goes for the poor girl. She's been going through so much and its not ending... But hopefully everything will turn out to be just fine. Sorry I was a little late with my comment fam!! But I was so flattered when you personally told me about the update. My stupid did forget about thr update. My head ache's still here but eh!! OmG the update was dope. The last part where Mark was holding her so closely - God, me feels are off the roof. Im Looking forward to their cute moments cuz Mark needs to hold her real tight now xP
Thanks, as always, for the dope update. See you soon (hopefully?)
miyoonji #7
This is awesome. I'm glad mino is OK because he was just helping. I'm curious of the lab result.
alice_mrc #8
I really love Mark!!!!!I'll always support this story!!!!!
Chapter 30: Wow...damnnn....
Chapter 30: Dun. Dun. DUNNNNNN!