The Forgotten Star

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There are plenty of places where one can go for a break in Seoul. However Sehun chooses to only patronize one particular manga cafe. There is something about the handsome owner there that he can’t quite put his finger on. In a twist of events, Sehun realizes that Jongin is a famous idol from years ago whom he was a huge fan of. Will Sehun now get his chance with the forgotten star?



Author Notes

  • Start Date : 2016.12.25 
  • End Date : 2017.12.29
  • The plot is 100% my own and many scenes are based on true life events I or my friends have personally experienced so please do not copy/plagiarize/translate/repost
  • For details, updates and sneak previews, follow my writing account on twitter. @itdoesnt_hurtme
  • I will not be reposting my previous stories. Please do not ask ^^;
  • I reserve the right to block anyone I see fit. 
  • Main - SEKAI


  • Not a professional. Please keep your expectations very very low.
  • NOT BETA-ED. General proof read only.
  • One chapter rated M.
  • I only write happy endings.
  • You can have your own opinions but please be respectful. Do not swear in your comments.
  • I will block you if you make any demands (like updates, pairings, longer chapters etc)
  • Creative Commons License
    This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.



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Chapter 21: I love all of your sekai story... and I'm glad that you write another sekai story
Thanks for this amazing story!
Chapter 21: I miss this story and I miss every single of your story before~~
You are amazing author!
Chapter 21: Hello! It's been a while since I've read your stories and suffice to say, you never disappoints!! I've always been a big fan of yours and reading this after like a year kinda means a lot to me as I actually thought of you when I was reading this fanfic. I'm not saying that you're a forgotten star, but it's because I forgot how much I love reading your stories which is why I love this ff so much. I feel bad for not knowing you were quite sick back then, but I really hope that you are in better than ever now.
Anyway, I finished reading this in just a couple of hours straight!! The Jongin in this story is so much like the Jongin that I imagine in real life that it feels so endearing to read his part. God! How is he such an angel >.< I'm falling deeper and deeper for him. I really love how you include a bit of sulay in the last chapter too! And let's not forget about kyungsoo even though he didn't actually make an appearance. Just imagining sehun fanboying over him put a smile on my face.
Thank you for writing and actually finish this story! Thank you thank you thank you <3 I look forward to read more of your stories. Good luck!!
emina888 #4
Chapter 21: It's midnight and yet here I am, wide awake with hearts all over my eyes because of this beatiful story. Looking forward to read more from you, author-nim ^_^
Chapter 21: This isn't over yet... Please write us an epilogue...
RatedMe #6
Chapter 21: I missed you when you were gone for those 6 months, and I never forgot you or your writing. You are the best Sekai writer I know and I am so glad you returned to finish this story. It is absolutely amazing. The ending and the theme of the forgotten star came together so beautifully on the runway I was in awe. I'm glad Kai has allowed himself to return back to the spotlight gracefully and that he and Sehun have ended up happy. And I'm glad you're back I thought at one point you'd be gone forever like so many of my favorite writers on here but I am glad you've returned, I can't wait to see what else you have in store. Thank you so much for everything and see you again soon.
Deulliequack #7
Chapter 21: Ah finally it's ending ㅠㅠ i really love happy endings that's why i always read your fics♡
teufelchen_netty #8
Chapter 21: ahhhh happy end *_*
i am so glad about it. i also like that lay came along and how suho behaved xD
the end of sekai is very sweet.
i hope to read soon more from you, i miss your storys
sparkerdelica #9
Chapter 21: Oh I'm so glad you're writing another story. This was well done as expected from you. Happy New Year !
Chapter 21: Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww this was so goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooodddddd~~~~~