Beyond the Cherry Blossom Shower~桜のシャワーの超えて(Sakura no shawaa no koete) (KyuWook fanfic!)


Hi, all! So I've been reading KyuWook fanfics lately and I've been laughing, crying and fangirling over sweet or steamy KyuWook moments in those stories! Seriously, these ELF are just talented writers! They know how to pull my heartstrings! Some of the fanfics I've read stopped halfway, and that pisses me off a little bit because I hate cliffhangers and I wish the KyuWook couple in those stories will have a happy ending soon. I love how these writers put KyuWook in various backgrounds and situations that put them to a test on how strong their love is. And so, that's why I wanna write a KyuWook fanfic on my own! I'm just so inspired by these fanfic writers! 

Anyway, the characters in my fanfic will be in their early twenties (college age) and the story will set in Osaka, Japan and perhaps in Korea or other places! I was inspired by this pic:


Credits of this fanart goes to owner! At first when I saw this pic, I immediately think of Hana Kimi, the Japanese drama, for some reason. Flower boys in high school kind of style! I don't watch a lot of high school boys anime, but I think this fanfic will be kind of like one. 

I don't think I can finish this fanfic this by the end of this year, but I'm certained that I'll finish it by next year! So, I hope you'll be anticipating for each chapter of this KyuWook love story!

I've posted chapter one to five so please check them out if you haven't! If you've subscribed, I'll be so happy that I'lll give you a virtual hug! Because of a new university semester, I'll write the sixth chapter after the semester ends which is in April! So stay tuned! I would greatly appreciate if you comment, subscribe, and share this new piece of work! Thanks so much! :) <3

If you havent' checked out my Kyuhyun and ELF fanfic, here's the link!


April 3 2016

The wind is cold but gentle. Thank God I no longer have to pull my scarf all the way up to my nose. Despite the spring breeze, I casually ride my bike down the grey road till I turn left and park it by the fence that keeps us humans away from the water.

I feel my phone vibrating in my jeans pocket. A text message from my dear son, Yesung, flashes on the screen. 

"お父さん (Father)! I've just bought some okonomiyaki batter for dinner tonight! It's a new brand! Can't wait for us to try it! :) "

I smile, replying back with "okay, see you tonight." before slipping my phone back into my pocket. As I gaze at the cherry blossom trees that line up both sides of the road, a smile automatically creeps on my face. The clumps of dainty petals rustles in the air like giant pink pom-poms. They allow mother nature to sweep them away from the branches; they are free from captive.

As I mindlessly watch the petal shower, a boy who looks like he's just graduated from high school catches my eye. I squint my eyes. He doesn't care about his dark red hair covering his eyes.He is clutching his pea coat as tightly as possible before the wind can freeze him. His eyes wander fondly at the petals that float to the river. At the other side of the river, I spot another boy who looks around the same age as the first boy. He is more of a taller lad with chestnut brown hair that grows close to his big, black eyes. He gracefully tucks his fringe behind his ears before he rests his hands on the fence. I slowly notice a change in the first boy's expression. He looks at the second boy in mild surprise, as if he is thinking hard on whether he have seen him before. 

To my surprise, the breeze suddenly goes to an uproar. It is so strong a windmill could even spin fiercely. This, in fact, makes me realize that it's a sign. God is calling me! He's telling me...that there's something going on between these two boys! Something more than just a supposed acquaintance! Could it be...

Without futher thinking, I get on my trusty stead and pedal as fast as I can down to where the first boy is standing. At the same time, I pray that he won't leave his spot. I zoom past couples who eye on me like I am some sort of psycho. Look at me all you want, folks! I'm on a mission to help creating a possible fate!

Sungmin (ソンミン)

Thank you all for sticking around! 30 subscribers!! That’s incredible! <3 Chapter 14 won’t be ready till April 2018! Sorry for the long wait, and stay tuned!

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Chapter 13: Update soon soon
SuJuElf456 #2
Chapter 13: Mich unnie!!!!! I love your story, and I'm extremely glad youve updated! I cant wait to read the next chapter for our kyuwook couple :D
I really enjoyed this fic!
SuJuElf456 #5
Chapter 11: Omg frickin junwo he needs to get a life
SuJuElf456 #6
Chapter 10: Yaaaassss you go yesung!!!! I relate so much to yesung in this chapter, my friends always come to me for dating advice
SuJuElf456 #7
Chapter 9: Oh ma guey it was so good mich unnie!!!! Can't wait for the next update
ryeonggunathanlixu #8
Chapter 8: Not kry?? But kky??
ryeonggunathanlixu #9
Chapter 7: Kyuwook so sweet... Love is magic... They have magic fate...
Chapter 7: Mr. Lau and Sungmin knows that they're meant to be ♡ thx for updating!