❁「 ℱᴏʀɢᴇᴛ- ℳᴇ- ℵᴏᴛ ℛᴏʟᴇᴘʟᴀʏ。 」ㅤ❥ ❝WE WELCOME YOU INTO OUR LOVING FAMILY!❞ ㅤ╱ ㅤ☆ ACCEPTING NEW MEMBERS~ JOIN US TODAY! ✨ A FBRP NON-AU 15+ GENERAL STRAIGHT + matchmaking ♂♀ ♡ㅤ➹ BE APART OF OUR FAMBAM! ♥ (◍ ˃̵͈̑ᴗ˂̵͈̑) ❁

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Welcome to Forget-Me-Not Roleplay! Are you having a hard time looking for a place to call home? We are forget-me-not role play, a family orientated role play with the bonus feature of matchmaking! We first open on December 23, 2016 and started off with a small family. But throughout the year, we start to improve and thinking of new renovative ideas to make FGM a better place! We have 4 amazing admins that are active and loving, also members who are welcoming! It is our goal to find you someone who you can spend your days with and also a loving family who would appreciate you~ We're a crack, loving, dorky bunch and we're waiting for YOU to join us! ♡ So what are you waiting for? Many have already decided to become an FGM members. Join the family today~ We're waiting for you with open arms! Let us love you! <3
❥ SUBSCRIBE. Upvotes are appreciated! ❥ One account per soul if you've been caught having two or more accounts you will be banned from this rp and will be automatically kicked out. ❥ We do not accept westerns. Only asians; koreans, japanese, vietnamese, thai, etc... ❥ Strictly no cliques and biased/selective replies. We love everyone! ❥ No bashing and facechasing, you will be warned! Also no bullying, reporting or harassing rpers. No blocking or unfriending is allowed either, if someone is giving you a hard time please report this to an admin. ❥ We are a straight rp and yes we do allow moving couples! You are no longer allowed to get into a relationship on your own, but through the matchmaking process. Anything referring to get into a relationship and such will be in the rulebook, you will have access to this once you are an official member of fgm! ❥ we don't tolerate drama of any kind! OOC & ic drama is highly forbidden. Keep the place drama-free. If you have any problems pm main admin asap and we will handle it privately!!! Do not put any type of post that would offend other rpers or make others uncomfortable, you will be asked to delete it and given a warning. No indirect insults towards each other is allowed either. if you are causing unnecessary drama, we will remove you without warning and blacklist you. if someone is harassing you, please pm one of the admins. ❥ Inform the admins when taking a hiatus or leaving. Semi-hiatus max is a week or two. Full hiatus is up to two months if urgent. ❥ This is a closed rp. Keep your friendlist clean. Unfriend all inactives during kickouts, which is every friday. ❥ This is a 15+ rp, so try to keep profanites limited and smxt stays in pm only. don't mention the word "" in public and keep your kinks in pms also, we don't want to see any of that... if you do post it out in the open, you will receive a warning (this applies to games and such... ex: top 3). Inappropriate pictures and captions are also prohibited at fgm now. You may only apply for a character older than 15. your faceclaim may not be too provocative (ex: showing bra and or is ! if you are thinking about joining as a faceclaim that models this way, please choose appropriate pictures). ❥ When talking ooc, just use the ooc group. Don't go overboard with the ooc. ❥ Please do stay in character and don't ruin your idol's image. No cheating is allowed! Also please do not advertise another rp anywhere within the rp, this is rude to the admins. ❥ Must be active 3 times a week (Inactive for more than 4+ days) or you will be kicked! Admins must see you active, if not we will kick you (No exceptions. We don't care if you're active in pms). ❥ We have a 3 strick policy, break 3 rules and you're out. ❥ If your acc has been sc or disabled you have 2 days to come back or you're out! Please also leave a comment or pm on the aff thread. Do NOT report people in this roleplay, you will be banned and blocked! ❥ Character changes are unlimited. TCC will only be available to those who IS considering on changing to that person. You may only TCC 2x a month now and it will still last for 48 hours. If someone want to reserve your character, you have to either change back or make a final decision on whether or not you want to stay as that person (reply to admin within 24 hours). You may CC once every 2 weeks! ← Full disclosure: This rule is changed by Bambam for the improper use of our TCC. ❥ We will not give you a kickout message, you should know you've been kicked if you check our front desk every Fridays. ❥ Once you're an official member of FGM, you must abide by all the rules in our rulebook (will be given once we see that you have been active for at least 48 hours).
❥ Make sure you've read and understand the rules, it's mandatory. ❥ Check the masterlist to see if your desired idol/character is still available, or you can just simply check the wishlist if you're still indecisive. ❥ Wait for an admin to accept your application. (note that it might take a few hours.) You have exactly 24 hours (1 day) to create / recycle an account. Set your alt name to ( fgm - idol's initials). Put everything of your profile on PRIVATE and Friends ONLY after you have been verified. ❥ DO NOT leave your profile link in the comments. Please PM us your profile link and we will add you in our base and verify you. :) ❥ Newbies who have just been verified has to be active for the first 48 hours by replying to wall post or posting wall post. Failure to do so will result in automatic kickout. You will not be added to any groups until admins have seen that you are active. Message admin once you have been with us for 48 hrs. ❥ Once you're an official member of FGM, you must abide by all the rules in our rulebook (will be given once we see that you have been active for at least 48 hours).

Application Form
Last, First
Stage Name
How did you find us?
Why did you decide to join us?
Your favorite love song~
Have you upvoted (appreciated but it's ok if you didn't) & subscribe? :)
Masterlist (female)
Taken ❀ Reserved00 Admin SC/Disinactive
Total # Females: --

apink: EUNJI.
blackpink: jisoo, Jennie, Rosé. LISA.
f(x): krystal, luna.
girls day: yura.
gugudan: Hana.
kara: youngji.
mamamoo: wheein.
miss a: suzy.
red velvet: irene, joy, YERI. SEULGI
snsd: yoona, taeyeon, tiffany.
t-ara: Jiyeon.
twice: mina, nayeon, momo, sana.
wjsn: SEOLA. Eunseo00
wonder girls: yubin.
others: seungeon, heize, jessica, hyorin, lilypichu, lee jieun, ariasaki, sulli, gain, SEUKHYE, Sungkyung.

Masterlist (male)
Taken ❀ Reserved00 Admin SC/Disinactive
Total # males: --

2pm: taecyeon, nichkhun.
bts: jungkook, jin, taehyung, SUGA, jhope, Jimin.
exo: lay, sehun, d.o., chanyeol, suho, KAI, Baekhyun.
got7: bambam, jaebum, jinyoung, mark, yugyeom.
monsta x: wonho, shownu.
seventeen: mingyu.
sHINEE: Taemin00
wanna one: seongwoo.
others: albert chang, rome, nam joohyuk, haknyeon, hyunwoo, DEAN, Kiji.


bambam: active members.
jungkook: complete bts esp. taehyung, wanna one, kim yugyeom, park jihoon, jeon wonwoo, iu sunbaenim, more namjas to love, active members <3.
wonho: monsta x, sistar, wjsn, boyfriend, jooyoung, starship family.
yoojung: f.t. island esp. hongki, suju esp. kyuhyun, lu han, b.a.p's zelo, Wanna one esp. jihoon.
joohyuk: funny and rated peeps i can be friends.
chanyeol: exo. day6 especially wonpil, the loml dawon.
seola: monsta x, wjsn, starship fam.
mingyu: snsd especially tiffany, seohyun, taeyeon, yuri, dal shabet's subin, jessica jung, dreancatcher's jiu, hyomin, aoa's mina.
jaebum: girl's day, got7, park hyoshin.
yubin: zico, 2pm, youngk, hyosung.
mark: hyuna, dahyun, esp. jungyeon.
taehyung: jbj esp. hyunbin, yongguk, donghan, kenta, and taehyun-- also pentagon esp kino.
aria: got7's youngjae, bap's youngjae. all of seventeen and gol-cha.
yubin: ong seongwoo.
youngji: all of YGK+ mates, Arashi, Tackey&Tsubasa, Kanjani8, NEWs, KaT-tUN, HSJ.
Seukhye: Got7's jinyoung.
Jinyoung: 2PM , Day6, Apink, Chaeyoung from TWICE, Tiffany Hwang, Kim Sejeong, Somi.
Jackson: somi, apink chorong, girls day hyeri, blackpink rose & lisa, twice dahyun & jihyo, kard youngji.
H & SH
Inform the admins when taking a hiatus or leaving. Semi-hiatus max is a week or two. Full hiatus is up to two months if urgent. You may extend a hiatus only once. if you try to apply for another hiatus after coming back from one, we will ask for you to leave and come back when you are not busy.

♡ name // h or sh // til mm.dd

♡ lay // h // til 04.18 + ext.
♡ youngji // h // til 03.17
♡ bambam // h // til 04.02
♡ haknyeon // sh // til 03.18
♡ youngjae // h // til 04.24
♡ jungkook // sh // til 03.28
Unofficial couples
♡ couples that are paired but not officially together ♡

sehun & jessica = hunsica



Featured Moments


Visit foreverwithfgm.tumblr.com for more screenshots from our members!

Poster credit goes to sakuretta!!!


Blacklist: Aidenli0624, sehun-ssi

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Jinsh_ 0 points #1
Son naeun
Imma past member
Because I MISSED you guys so much and omg I hope u accept me back. I'm sorry for having gone missing. Life and stuff happened.
Our town by niall horan I suppose
0 points #2
lee taeyong.
gmt -8.
recommended by a past member.
'cause i haven't join an fbrp in a while, i thought it'd be fun.
sway by michael buble.
subbed, yes!
0 points #3
reserved son seunghwan
red velvet
snowwintersummer 0 points #4
Lalisa manoban
Gmt +8
Recommended by a member of fgm
Because i wanted to try a matchmaking rp!
K will - you dont know love
VampireKisses 0 points #5
seulgi here,
so .... i added one person and facebook took me away :c ill be back soon
loonaeye 0 points #6
rak chaeeun
rock chaeeun
gmt +4
i was scrolling through the 'roleplay' tag
just wanted to try the matchmaking concept bc i've never been able to experience that
remember me from coco ost
VampireKisses 0 points #7
kang seulgi
red velvet
gmt -5
trying to get back into the rp style so i stumbled upon this rp and wanted to give it a shot.
i've never been in a matchmaking rp so i wanted to give it a chance plus it seems very cute too.
feel this love by glenn travis.
and subscribed.
lee taemin
plus right
was suggested by my girlfriend- who will apply as wendy, and yes we will be a married moving couple.
uhm- concept sees cute, looks like a place that she and i will like and feel comfortable in. plus a nice place to raise our rp baby. is that allowed?
and subscribed.
son juyeon
browsing through tags.
i love the concept + i read all of the screenshots in the featured moments section & oh my g o d are these tears--
i hate everyone - get set go. jk. have you ever - brandy.
subscribed. i need a little more charity in the karma department.
Lee Hyeri
Just randomly scrolling in AFF
I want to try something new with this kind of matchmaking feature and it's been awhile since I last joined an fbrpc so I'm thinking of returning now
Darude Sandstorm (idrk)