When the Sun and the Moon Collide

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I was the moon. Surrounded by the darkness. Those twinkling lights were more eye catching than myself. They didn't like the darkness, they never tried to get used to the darkness. I was anti-social, I had no friends, I was the 'Teacher's pet' I was the opposite of the sun. 


He was the sun. Loved by everyone, he brought warmth, he brought joy to everyone. He was social, he had many friends. He was the exact opposite from me, everyone who shadowed the sun was hated. They wanted the warmth, his warmth, they all loved the sun. 

Despite him being the sun and I being the moon; 

Our paths still crossed. 

He still took interest in the moon. 

He stepped into my darkness. 

He fell in love with the moon. 

But what if...

His moon...

Is stuck in such darkness...

That would lead to their ill-fated destinies?



Oh Kyungmi


Byun Baekhyun

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