Love do Hurt


Smile even its hurt...Knowing your crush deeply in love with someone else hurt.Watching them together hurt more..That was what Chunji felt knowing his crush,L.joe was in love with the other member..But he just cant stop the feeling he has for the younger..


Newbie ..sorry for any grammar mistake because english is not my mother language ^^

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Angel_Chunsas_2 #1
Chapter 10: Authornimm..just fyi there is someone who are waiting for happy ending for chunji..please update ( i cryyyy)
Chapter 10: Will this eventually have an ending? My poor Chunji :'(
Chapter 10: In the end i want myungji (myungsoo + chunji)
baby_blue17 #4
Chapter 10: Well, let me tell you it's not boring at all!
I like ur idea :)
Please update soon when u have time, dear...
Aahh johayoo
Angel_Chunsas_2 #5
Chapter 9: Good job authornim
nickmo #6
Chapter 8: There is still hope even in the dark
No matter how ot6 or ot5,i will never leave them never ever so u authornim
Pray that ljoe just feels dissapointed only coz in his update fancafe message,he cherish angels so much
I think he still cares bout leaving or not
I always support teentop no matter what happen
Teentop fighting
Chunjoe fighting!!!!?!
marioo #7
Chapter 7: Just continue it,i will read it until end because i already falling in love with u story,while im sad to because no chunjoe and ljoe but i still support teen top and chunjoe as well.Wemust support because we are Angel for Teen Top.
baby_blue17 #8
Chapter 7: It also broke my heart.. I'm totaly crying until now
Imagine how the members feel
Mostly how chunji feel about it
It's up to you
But i hope you keep continue this
I'd think it as one of my chunjoe memories
Wish the best for l.joe and teentop
Chapter 6: it's a bit sad, but I like the friendship between Chunji, Niel and Changjo, they're nice together. I hope L.Joe stop be a and finally falling in love for Chunji.
nickmo #10
Chapter 5: I am crying huhuhuhu
I miss teentop ot6 too