A House Filled with Night

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Had he seen her? It must have been her imagination, that moment she felt their eyes lock. It must have been. At first, Kumi could see nothing. Then the shadow of his lower body silhouetted against the tablecloth that concealed her. Only that thin piece of fabric hung between her and him, whatever he was. Kumi brought the edge of her finger to her lips and bit down on the skin.

Don’t move, don’t breathe, don’t think.




Legends are not supposed to be real. Kumi wouldn’t have believed what she saw, except it never stopped chasing her. The first time she met the Sons of Midnight, she expected to forget about that night like she would a dream. But this dream was reality. Thrown into their world of color and night, Kumi searches for a way back to the light through the shadows of fantastical house they live in. Staying in one piece would be ideal.






Nothing but an apple for dinner






Lord of the House






Playing dreams and nightmares like a song






Flowing through water and stone alike






Breathing out sight






Holding in demons like hell






Breaking but flying







Floating between air and time






FANART (by me)



I accidentally deleted my forward and I'm too lazy to fix it now because I am. Short version: this story is inspired by a dream I had after I watched BTS' Blood Sweat and Tears MV but not in the Demian symbolism way necessarily and I put a lot of my own blood, sweat and tears into it so I hope you'll read it and enjoy it and give it some love in the comments because I tried my best to make it a genuinely good story not just stupid stuff URGGHHH I AM SO LAME FOR DELETING MY OWN FORWARD WHAT THE HECK IS WRONG WITH ME?!?!?!!

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Serserexo 1 points #1
Nice fanart and btw I love your story! Killed with love,click and great teamwork. I like it how the boys finally have a normal life after their miserable ones.
Chapter 35: Ayyyy you can draw..!!
It lokasi cool and nice and you got a really great skills...the castle seem complex to draw..Btw i love it
Jaslynn #3
Chapter 35: The original version is nice ~ , all of them are hehe
deathnoot #4
Chapter 35: Your fanart is so good!!! I wish i could draw like that lol. I remember when i stumbled across this story with only a few chapters, i was so excited!!!
Chapter 35: Your fanart is so pretty~
fatihah_atiqah6 #6
Chapter 6: It took me a second to analyse and finally laugh on jinsjoke and the way you anomatopeia-ing his laugh with hyuh hyuh hyuh??? one word : *GENIUS*
fatihah_atiqah6 #7
Chapter 2: Wow im in for this ride oyeahhhhh
Chapter 34: Wow! Just wow! Why I didn't find this fanfiction earlier! The story is so interesting, I seriously couldn't stop reading. I really love how it is a fantasy story but not about demon/angel or vampire/werewolf. It's like something totally different from all the fantasy ff I've been reading. Really loved it! Thanks for writing author nim
Chapter 2: Mehehehe I won't get tired of reading this ?
Chapter 2: Rereading it again y'all ❤️❤️❤️