Is love dangerous ?


Bubbly and happy-go-lucky 20 years old Park Myung-Hee has just enter university in Korea. She's innocent and pure, she's kind and generous, she has friends and a home, everyone loves her and Park Jimin even more. Everything was going in the right direction. What could possibly go wrong ?

She's scared...


Scared of love.



" I'm late !!!!"

She runs in the university's corridors.

"Oh God, where is it ?" she said, internally screaming.

She checks one more time the paper on which her class was written on.

"They should really put some indication boards in this school" she thought, still running. And then finally, she saw it. Her class. Her new class.

And without thinking she opens abruptly the door, stumbles in the room, panting and cheeks red, and says brightly :

"Hello ! Sorry I'm late ! I'm the new transfer student Park Myung-Hee ! Nice to meet you !"

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Chapter 9: They're so adorable.... Gosh!!!
Mary24106 #2
Chapter 8: I want what happen next pleseeeeeee dont stop righting??????
Chanbeakhunhan #3
Chapter 5: Awwww they're so cute !!! Pls update soon!!!!
218 streak #4
Chapter 4: Aigoo taetae myunghee found his alien pulsh