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My name's Eunji, and last week our mum decided to get married to this dude who has three bloody daughters, while she herself has us three adoptive children already.

This week, in order to "help" us get closer to one another and to go on their honeymoon peacefully, our newly married parents decided to send us all to live in this new house- Alone.

...Do you think it's possible for us six to unite as one?


An idea that suddenly popped up while I was trying to prepare for an essay wtf; hopefully it'll work out somehow.

Due to a torture called 'school' starting tomorrow, I won't be able to update as often. I shall do my best to not leave completely, but I shall apologise in advance for my absence. Thank you all once again for the support!

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rossannacj #1
Chapter 14: Author - nim.. Where r u?? Its been months... I might be had to graduate first before u finish the story.. ?
Chapter 14: Author-nim.. When you'll update............... ?
nathanchen #3
authornim when you will update the story TT i'll always wait
nathanchen #4
Chapter 14: continue jebal authornim jebal TT i really love your story
dkiw1999 #5
Chapter 14: I love this story!
Chapter 14: That was some fast marriage ,. I hope it will be eunrong as your story tags says author , thanks and waiting for your update.
nathanchen #7
Chapter 14: i am 2eun shipper authornim but i really hope this story will be eunrong. kts rare to find eunrong story i hope my wish come true. thanks for update
Chapter 14: Wow, they sure split fast. Supposed to be sad about that but lowkey happy because that means they can confess their feelings now ;) so is it gonna be Chomi or Eunrong? haha
Apinkeuforever #9
Chapter 14: Woah oOo that fast they're now separating , author nim the best thanks for updating even though your busy with school thanks again author nim ^^

Chapter 14: Damn.thats fast marriage.