Junmyeon's linear life gets a twist when the neighboring tattoo studio's new artist, Jongin, walks into his parents' pastry and his life.



by yukulicious

pairing sukai, (side-) krisyeol

rating pg13

word count 9065


Actually I should be working on another deadline but I realized that I didn't upload this story yet, which I wanted to share for some time now.

I wrote this story a couple of months ago - in October after being inspired by a visit to a tattooist with one of my friends - eoryndal - who I dedicate this story to.

It's the first time that I tried to write both SuKai and KrisYeol, so please bear with me!

After finishing the story, I realized that my Jongin has quite some similarities to the one in LotusK's "Stained Glass" (it's a brilliant piece of art that you should check out if you're into KaiSoo as well) - these similarities were, however, unmeant.

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zeebeesa #1
Chapter 1: omg this is masterpiece
u displayed emotions so beautifully
Abbll16 #2
Chapter 1: Beautiful story. <3
Beti27 #3
Chapter 1: Wow it was so fluffy and cute u conveyed the emotions so well and sukai was so cute and so was krisyeol i loved it my only complaint was that it wasn't longer since I loved it so much♡♡♡♡♡♡
2ndChance #4
Chapter 1: Wow *-*
I love your topic in this story
it is wonderful how they get close to each other. My heart was so warm the whole time and i really enjoyed the development of the story
I absolutely love Krisyeol here and also Kaiho. it was so sweet and i got lost in your art.
Thank you for the Ff. They are made for each other and i can't wip this smile out of my face ^^
It was wonderful
Chapter 1: Owowowowo this is sooo warm and wonderfuuullll i love this.... cuute and fluuffffyyyyy
Yuku!! This was such a warm and lovely story ;;; there was so much that was relatable about JM. His insecurities and his shyness. I like how his character grew so much as the story progressed. Jongin was wonderful ;;;; his interactions with jm are so warm and nurturing. The whole story just had this gentle, cozy ambience to it. Just two people getting to know each other. That idea of tattoos being armor is so insightful and relatable and you brought that out very well in jongin and his tattooist friends.

Your first sukai fic is truly something to be proud of! You did such a wonderful job with this, Yuku! I LOVE IT!!!
Bhuntii #8
Chapter 1: This was seriously such a lovely uplifting story :)
freakadellic #9
Chapter 1: Aaawwww.... this is such a nice story! It's cute here and there, and the ending scene is so sweet and felt so intimate. Thank you for writing and sharing :)
yunhikari #10
Chapter 1: This was a really sweet and encouraging story! Loved the combination of the characters with small bunny Junmyeon and the three giants ^^