Parallel Universe: Erilea

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She thought having powers was cool.

Until when she actually got it that she regretted for even wish for it.





Title: Parallel Universe: Erilea [previously tittled as Nameless Messenger]
Genre: fantasy, comedy, romance, reverse-harem/harem, mystery, angst and supernatural.
OC: Lee Min Shay | GM
Characters: OC | EXO | BTS | anime characters+manhwa characters | other characters will be reveal in chapter.
Start: 161209[old] | 171018[new]

End: -


FIRST. credit to anime Tokyo Ghoul, Attack On Titan, Noblesse (webtoon) & DICE (also webtoon). SECOND. all the characters exclude original characters are not mine, credit to the owner. THIRD. credit to all owner for the songs. FOURTH. the pictures in all chapters are not mine, credit to the owner.


author's note;

sorry for taking too long. i just hope you guys enjoy it and you may critic my mistake all you want, i will respect your opinion and i will try harder. i cant promise to update once a week i hope you bear with me a bit. i want to remind you guys that this story will take a long time to finish because the story is a bit slow and have a lot of scene will be added. keep giving me support and maybe it will finish faster than i thought ;)

oh and also, im not doing any goals anymore, because well its making me guilty if i cant keep my promise. i didnt include action in the tag/genre because honestly im at it but there will be some action here. about the title, i truly have no idea exo would do comeback concept about parallel universe xD i rename it long ago tho.

lastly, for those whos waiting till now, thank you so much i love u<3



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i love all their artwork and have seen so many beautiful poster and can i just say im so honor to have my ff poster part of them LMAO I JUST LOVE IT JUST LOOK AT THE POSTER ITS BEAUTIFUL ISNT?! and yeah do visit their shop they have others artist but for my poster, it was FLEXIBER who made it for me <3

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Chapter 2: Huu. Fairy tail. Thats bring back the memory xd
woww looking forward on what's to happen
Chapter 1: This reminds me of the webtoon Dice. I like the concept and I look forward to reading this! .^-^.
Kimiko_Feather #4
Chapter 3: Love it~ Keep it up!
Chapter 3: Uh-oh.... What is it? What were gm and shay talking about? Oh well, I'll just sit here waiting for whatever-it-is to be explained :D
Chapter 2: This story is actually interesting, i'll look forward to it :D
And hehehe you look like a cute author, you know? Setting those goals... ;D