Untitled Love Song


Choi Sulli and Kang Minhyuk had nothing to do with each other really. They’ve heard of each other due to being in the entertainment business, but you could say they were practically strangers. But a series of events land the two of them to start a cute and adorable relationship. And of course there are some obstacles in the way…



They seemed to complement each other well.

She was known as the giant baby with a million dollar smile;

He had his signature eye smile and an adorable face that just didn’t match his height.

They were merely acquaintances at first, but there was something there that they both felt.

Something strange and unusual fluttered around in their chests.

Love is a strange thing.


This is the story of the Giant Baby, Choi Jinri and the Lovely Kang Minhyuk







A/N: I dub them the eye-smile couple lolololol.

I don't even know where this came from to be honest. I just really wanted to write a story with Minhyuk (since he's my bias to the extreme). Originally, I was gonna write him with an OC, but I changed my mind. And lately I’ve been listening to F(x) and Sulli became my bias in that group. God damn it we’re the same age and yet she’s tall, beautiful and super successful

Yes, I love pairing all of my biases from k-pop groups together.

Please tell me what you think of this story as much as you can. I know the couple’s weird, but please don’t let that stop you from reading and reviewing!

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Hitomie #1
Chapter 2: cute story .. hope it will be continued :) I love Minhyuk as main in FF´s it´s rare XDD
Chapter 2: Where are you???
Please update this story, it's kinda rare to have Minhyuk as main character. I really want to read your story, update jebaalllll :/
Choichai #3
Chapter 2: The story looks promising... Pls update soon
Aww! This story is cute and amazingly written! Please update soon! Hehe.
Update Soon pretty please ! :D really, love this. <3
wongzhengda #6
Update pls^^
[deactivated] #7
Gah, this is such a random pairing. XD
But Sulli's cute with everyone, so...
<3 I love it already.
Those two shy cuties are so...cute.
I bet Minhyuk is jelly of Yonghwa and Sulli's relationship.
'Cause they MC-ed together and all. <333
Can't wait to read more of this. ^-^
Please update soon!!!
Please update soon!!!!!!!!
Ohhh~~ how did Yonghwa become close with Sulli??~~ hohoho