His Miss Cupid

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Will Jeon Jungkook fall victim to Park Jimin's love arrow(s)? She just wanted to help.




Park Jimin was always playing Miss Cupid, this time wasn't an exception either. She couldn't help it though. Seeing  her friends; whether they be male or female hung over on their never ending love quests,  she almost always couldn't help herself from lending them a guiding hand towards the right direction. She had "a heart of gold", that's what her friends would tell you. But she denies it fully on the contrary as she claims that she was born with only one thing, Cupid's heart. 

Along with Cupid's heart, Jimin could have sworn that she was given his invisible love bow and an enless supply of spell bond arrows, that could surely make you fall in love with someone right on the spot. Okay, well maybe not right on the spot per say but her efforts were literally little love mircales that could make you say otherwise. And as a self proclaimed Miss Cupid, Jimin already had her eye on her next project, BTS' Golden Maknae.

Jeon Jungkook.




Author's Note:
Hi my lovely readers,
I know I have yet to finish or update my other stories but this idea was too good to not share with you all <3 I hope you all will like this. I'll update this tomorrow sometime, so let me know what you think of the forward

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Jia_Yi #1
Chapter 3: shinee was the group that got me into kpop and they're really precious to me and this hurt my heart a lot- jonghyun spoke up for the minorities and he's truly an inspiration. it's saddening how he wrote songs to comfort people but he's the one who's hurting inside ;; i hope he's at peace now. you did well jonghyun
Nisa90 #2
Chapter 3: I'm still sad......I'm his fan......I can't even look at his pic
Chapter 3: it came a surprise I never expect such thong to happen
backpackkid #4
i'm truly broken when i heard the news. Shinee is the one who intruduced me to Kpop and i never regret it. i remember to post my first story here, and it's about shinee and it's family-kinda-themed and and and i don't think i would ever brave enough to re-read all my old shinee fics that i've made.

rest in peace, our puppy, our sunshine, Jjong :)
I didn't know this was a thing, is this a thing? I'm aware we ship our girl Jamie with litterally every male (and even female) friend she has, but I didn't know these two were friends.
Hi author-nim~ Yasss its jaemi FF XD wow its 97liner can't wait for your story about jiminxjungkook relationship ^^
〜( ̄▽ ̄〜)
ggexotica #8
Chapter 2: I feel bad for Jimin..
But i'm loving it.. Can't wait to read how the story goes..
congratulations on winning the bid!