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What if BTS had 8 members, and the 8th member happened to be an African American female, from America? After leaving a girl group because of bad management, Jennie tries to work hard to continue being a young performer. After a while, she finds herself in an audition for BigHit and ends up being a foreign trainee before earning a spot in the upcoming group, BTS. (Eventual Jungkook X OC, Slowburn)

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Author’s Note- Hey!! I’m starting off with a story idea I’ve had for a couple months. I decided to put my own perspective and imagination on what if BTS had a female in their group from America. This’ll be a long story from their debut to today, so enjoy the ride!

I want this character to be relatable and grow as a performer while she’s in BTS as well as go through hardships. It’ll be a slow start but it will get better as the chapters go on, I hope you give it a chance. 

This will mainly start off with friendship. Not just the character and the love interest. I don’t want to rush things and I want to add in cute moments and etc. As well as show her friendship with the other members and even being friends with other people from different groups, having cute moments with them too.

I probably won’t make the character and Jungkook a couple until around the 2016ish stage. It took me a couple months to prepare and do research so I can get a good timeline and I want to add everything in it, from them at KCon, going to school in South Korea, Variety Shows, Interviews, sasaeng fans, the American hustle Life, VLive videos, all of that stuff. I haven’t really seen any of that or scenarios that I thought would be it so I decided to make my own.

I only finished one chapter so far, but the next time I update, I’ll make sure to have a lot of chapters done so I won’t make you wait a long time for me to update. Right now there’s over 80 chapters so far.

As always it’s a slow start but once the character gets to South Korea it’ll blast off from there.

This is my first KPOP story. If you like this and continue to read it, thank you, and leave a like and/or comment your thoughts. Enjoy the positive atmosphere!

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Killerkhaos #1
Just checked out your posts on your tumblr page. You've got a preview of the Stay Away chapter. And from what I read, it's great so far.
Hope Jen doesn't turn to violence though, she's been so good in holding in her rage whenever she's in the same room as the devil. Would be awesome though if Angelina was recording the whole argument or even have it on a live feed. That would be great! Hailey finally getting what's coming to her and it would all her own fault too. Oh man, if any ARMY heard anything of she was going on about. She would be destroyed! Her career... Gone.
Can't wait for the next couple of chapters!
DionnaJanae16 #2
Chapter 76: Aww jenkook for the win
Chapter 76: The way you write things are honestly so amazing and are so deep you make Me feel like I’m in the story, Lowkey wish I was. I love you story!!! Xx
jdaniels98 #4
Chapter 76: i cryyyy
Cinder_lee_yoon-sung #5
Chapter 76: My burger literally fell to pieces once I read the dream
UmbranAngel #6
Chapter 75: Sweet lord... you just had to do that. Amazing as always, now I can’t wait for the next chapter.
Chapter 75: Hahaha. Oh ny gawd.
Cinder_lee_yoon-sung #8
Chapter 75: Oh my goshhh that dream was amazing !!!! Jungkook your the man
Angelabelle #9
Chapter 75: Also if you ever run out of fillers you should write more jealous look lol like he finds fan made edits of her with guys that have a crush on her like bambam