Sweet Enough


In which Seulgi wants to swoon the beautiful barista at the coffee shop and her friends may or may not be helpful at all. 


“Okay, one green tea latte to go. May I have a name for your order?” 

“My name is 'your future wife'.”

Joohyun blinks.

Seulgi blinks.

The whole shop seems to fall into a moment of silence.



Tags: Comedy, Romance, Slight-crack 
Length: One shot (3,8k words)

• Probably my fail attempt of writing something funny
• English is not my main language, beware of grammatical errors


I know I have another story to update but I just want to write something refreshing like this ajksdfgshj
Inspired by that one time a male barista flirted with my friend (who's actually interested in him too) and they ended up exchanging numbers ;)))
Thank you for clicking and I hope you'll enjoy the story!


03/12/18 - I was confused to see a lot of notifs on this fic today. Turns out you all have sent this to the featured section asdfgkdl thank you so much! ♡
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