Emotional Distress

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I loved her.

​But she loved someone else.

​She chose that somone else over me.

​That broke me.

​Broke me to pieces.

​I thought that pain would heal if I got out of her life.

It turned into a scar over my weak heart.

​Because I was constantly reminded of her.

I thought I was ready to face her.

But it only teared old wounds back open.

​I'm in pain again.

​She hurt my friend and hurt me again.

​I want the pain to stop.

​I want it to stop forever.


Author note: Heyyyyy.... this seems like a really dark and sad one shot. It's just that this came into my mind while reading a book, called Wuthering Heights and I thought "why not write a fiction about this since I haven't released one yet" Sorry if it was badly written. I don't have a big vocabulary....

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