Teen Top Thieves?!

C.A.P. =Red

Chunji =Dark Blue

L.Joe =Orange

Niel =Green

Ricky =Light Blue

Changjo =Teal


Your P.O.V.

"Okay. Put your head back in the shower." He smiles and hugs me. I smell conditioner.

"Thank you." I feel something drop around us. I look down to see what it is. OH JEEZ.


"Yes ~~~~~?" He asks calmly.

"Your uh...towel fell." I try to keep calm because he is and were hugging. Let me die.

"YAH! Close your eyes!" Niel blushed and I cover my eyes, acting calm but inside I'm dying. *HAHA! He's embarrased. Wait, oh jeez, did I see his 'stuff'? YAH! MY EYES!!! AGAIN!!!* 

"Okay, you can look now." Niel said after what seemed like an hour. I look at him and he is avoiding eye contact. At least he isn't like L.Joe, who just sat there smirking. He puts his hair into the water and I slowly aproach him. *Wonder why his towel fell off?*

Carefully, I look down from his hair and see the towel isn't tied right.

"Niel, can I tie your towel?" I ask softly. I really don't want to see what's 'down there' again. He gets up and nods. Covering my eyes I untie his towel and try my best to re-tie it. This is really awkward. I better do this quick.

"Do you know how to tie a towel?" I ask him. He shakes his head, avoiding speech. Shame, all men should know how to tie a towel. Tsk tsk.

"Well, we're done here. The stuff is out of your hair." I clap my hands together and walk towards the door.

"YAH!" Niel yells and I turn around last second to see Niel falling face first towards me. Just as this happens, Ricky walks in and sees mine and Niels lips touch.*Oh fuuuuuuuu*

"NIEL! YOU TOO?!" Niel is slow to relize what just happened. *Did I just kiss Niel? No, I'm not. It was a accident. I mean he wouldn't want to kiss me. No way. Not with all his fangirls. The fangirls would KILL to be in my place* It felt like forever before Niel finally got up. Although it probably was only under 3 seconds. But, when he does Ricky punches his arm...hard.

"What was that for?" Niel glared at Ricky.

"For kissing ~~~~~~! OOOOH! CAP and L.Joe are gonna KILL you!" Ricky smiles deviously. Niels eyes go huge.

"DON'T YOU DARE TELL THEM!!! DON'T TELL ANYONE!!" Niel pins Ricky against the wall. I get up and try to grab Niel off of Ricky. It's useless, that boy is stronger then he looks. Ricky stares into Niels eyes, obviously scared.

"If you tell them I swear I will chop off yo-"

"YAH! Okay I won't tell!" Ricky nods his head frantically like he's ready to get out of there. Niel loosens his grip on Ricky and smiles, making his face turn to normal like nothing happened. Ricky looks at me then taps his lips.

"I'm next." He says puckering his lips.


"You're giving me a kiss next."

"What?! Wae? I didn't mean to kiss anybody." I try to storm away but he grabs my wrist.

"Still, you're kissing me next." *Does he think I'm a !?!?*

I shake his hand off and run to my room, leaving Ricky in the bathroom and buried my face into the pillow and scream.

"Hey ~~~~~~ can I come in?" I hear Niels musical voice from the other side of my door. I straighten myself out before answering.

"Yes." Is all I can say. He glides in and shuts the door behind him. It looks like he doesn't know what to do with himself.

" can sit." I look at the chair by my door. He nods and sits down.

"Thanks for getting that stuff out my hair...and I'm sorry for falling on you....and that...thingy...with the lips. I'm so clumsy." He buried his face into his hands. I feel so bad now.

"It's okay." Omg, I'm so useless. I need to think of something to do or say and quick. I walk over to him and pick up his face. I look right into his sulking eyes. I quickly hug him. At first he is very very tense, then he eases into the hug and hugs me back. He sighs.

"I'm so sorry." He whispers into my ear. It tickles.

"It wasn't your fault." I release the hug and smile at him. Then, I hear 5 angry footsteps coming up the stairs. Niel and I quickly end our hug and I rush to my bed.

"NIIIIEEELLL! I KISSED HER FIRST!" L.Joe's angry voice bellows from outside my room door.


"YAH! CAP don't be so mean or harsh!" Changjo is like the only one who isn't angry. "And you, Niel!!! I will get you!!! Plus, I don't wanna be the only one who didn't get a kiss!!!" Okay, I take that back.

"NIEL I NEVER THOUGHT YOU WOULD DO THIS to me." The last part was said quietly so I couldn't hear it all.

"I'm sorry Niel. They made me tell!" Ricky sobs.

From the sound of it, I think Niel's in big trouble. Well, that's what he gets for being clumsy~


Sorry to cut it short...didn't want to lose the moment. Longer chapter next time, kay? (I know...we say this a lot!)

OMG! NIEL KISSED YOU! I had so much fun writing this....after all Niel is my bias. :3 so yep...poor Chunji, you could say.


GenaSaur: OHMIGOD!!!! I'm so sorry we haven't bee updating!!! I was like super busy with homework and plus I have a test coming up. ;~; And this weekend we might not be able to update either because Malana is going to her dad's and I can't write a chapter without her. We usually write the chapters together so, ya. I'm sorry my lovely subscribers!!!

-MalanaBear & GenaSaur hahaahahahahhaha

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Heh hey guys~ Sorry for the lack of updating ugh I just have to get everything cleared up right now (by things i mean things in my life.) I'm so sorry guys.

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