Ignored For A Game

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Being ignored by Hye Jung is not something Ji Hong really wants when they have free time.


I realized that this time round, I can't seem to get hold of a good picture. I don't own [Operate Now Hospital]! Credits to Spil Games who are still creating the prototype. But it is actually in the play store if you really want to try.

I definitely can't write steamy scenes........ (Blushes)

(For people who are superstitious, no I'm not trying for 444 words at all.)



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Chapter 1: Hahaha. Nice story writer~nim!! Hope to read more of your stories!!Thanks much☺
Annalise93 #2
Chapter 1: haha oo. thank you for these one shots. It's quite nice to read these once and awhile! I hope you continue to do more of them!