Girl in Luv

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Jungshooked--that stunned look when someone gets. That's right. Han Sumi has been "Jungshooked" after accidentally bumping into him one day. It's not just the shock though. He has shaken her heart. He has no idea who she is, but she sure is ready to make him fall for her. Why? Well she's a "Girl in Luv", but does love at first sight really happen? What about the sort that grows out of friendship or even from hate? And what about rekindling an old flame? What's a girl in love to do? 



This story will feature all the boys. I love all of the members, so I do my best to give each one his spotlight in this story. Also, this story might seem to be only about romance. However, there's a heavy emphasis on friendship and problems that we face growing up. I didn't want to write a story that just focuses on love because there's more to life than romantic love. Hope you'll enjoy this work!

Don't read this section if you're worried about spoilers because the character profiles below will inevitably spoil a bit of the plot.


1. Min Yoongi


Min Yoongi is Han Sumi's best friend since high school and university classmate. Seventy percent of the time he ignores her, twenty percent of the time he points out her stupidity, five percent of the time he helps her, and the other five percent he listens to her. He's cold, but he has a good, loyal heart. What is his relationship with Sumi? Are they just friends or is there something more?

2. Kim Namjoon


Kim Namjoon is Sumi's ex-boyfriend. They broke up after dating for two years and have not been in contact with each other. Namjoon is also Yoongi's close friend. Namjoon is very smart and down to earth. He's nearly perfect, the sort you'd want to introduce to your parents, so what went wrong between Sumi and him? What happens when he's back in Seoul? 

3. Kim Seokjin (Jin)


Kim Seokjin (Jin) is Yoongi's roommate and is also Sumi's good friend. He seems to know everyone and is a cheerful, friendly guy. Jin and Sumi are food buddies. Is there more to this friendly neighbour?

4. Jeon Jungkook


Jeon Jungkook is a high school student who Sumi falls for immediately. He is shy, innocent, and pure-hearted. He tries his best in everything and excels in all areas. Will Sumi be able to capture his heart? Is love really without any age boundaries?

5. Kim Taehyung


Kim Taehyung works as a model at the agency that Sumi's aunt owns. Sumi is forced to be his manager. He is mysterious, very flirty, yet odd at the same time. She doesn't really click with him, but she has to for her job. So what happens when oil and water mix?

6. Park Jimin


Park Jimin is a dancer at the dance studio Jung Hoseok teaches. He is very close to Hoseok and Jungkook. Jimin is sensitive and caring. He is really protective of his friends. He really dislikes Sumi because he thinks she is a shallow person. Will Sumi continue to fight with him or will they become allies?

7. Jung Hoseok


Jung Hoseok is Jin's good friend. Hoseok is a dance teacher at a local studio. He is pocket full of sunshine but he does have a serious side too. What's behind this smiley figure?

8. Han Sumi

Han Sumi is a university student who hopes to be a webtoon artist. She is honest, determined, and curious. She does well academically but is not sensitive to other people's feelings. She's a bit of a rebel and enjoys bothering Yoongi and Jin. You can say she's kind of bratty, shallow, and raging with hormones, but there are a few secrets she has been hiding. Just what is she hiding?

Let me know who your favourite character is! :)

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[deactivated] #1
Chapter 49: Such an unexpected and really saddening character death :((( Kim Seokjin :""((
[deactivated] #2
Chapter 49: Ain't my ship but still muuuuuuuuchhh better than Sumi with Taehyung. My man Namjoon <3333333333333
Queenjk #3
Chapter 49: I don't know how I feel... So namjoon and sumi ^_^
I like it.... But what about taehyung I still miss him though
ftl-xx #4
Chapter 49: Yaaasss Namjoon and Sumi!!!!!! My ship is sailing :')
jackie99 #5
Chapter 49: I’m sad but happy but sad again..... JINNNNNNnnNnN~ YOOOOOOONGIIIiiIII....
jackie99 #7
Chapter 48: NOOO IM SO SAD OMG JIN :(((
Jaslynn #8
Chapter 48: Sad to see him go :/ Sumi learned to love herself but still no luck with love . Just hope things will get better. Missing the old days hope they can have a reunion but idk it may super awkward with Tae :0
194 streak #9
Chapter 47: Good for you Sumi. Get out of that toxic relationship. I had to break out of one as well and we both celebrated our freedom with pizza. You go Girl!
[deactivated] #10
Chapter 47: That was such a huge relief, phew... Go Sumi, you'll get through this!