Begone Memories! (Come Back to Me)

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What could be worse than waking up in the hospital and not knowing who you are, you ask?
Waking up in the hospital, not knowing who you are,
and apparently being the nation’s top leading actress.




“On October 13th, nation’s third love Yoori Han caused quite a scare when she suddenly fainted in the middle of her shooting for the upcoming movie ‘Thriller’. As seen in through the clip, she banged her head against the floor after she loses her grip on the rope. More information about her recovery will be back after the break.”


“You’re telling me that the girl with the big s on T.V. is me? Hold on.”


Yoori clamped her hands onto the rails next to her bed, her jaw slackening as she quickly turned off the television. A million thoughts were swarming in her head as she hastily got out of her bed and walked over to the mirror placed conveniently next to the window. She grabbed at her chest, almost falling to the floor when her knees became weak.

“No way.”


temporary title, subject to change 

please do not plagiarize // heavily inspired by 13 going on 30 (check it out if you're bored ^^)


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poster credits! 
Ran from Clubx

[BM!cbtm] finished with a rough outline for the entire story!

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Chapter 16: I know it. Something about Yoori's manager feels so off. Cant wait for the next chapterr
miraashy #2
Chapter 16: Pls update^^
kaysur #3
Chapter 16: I'm glad you advertised the story. That's how i discovered it. I have to say that i really like it. :)
Chapter 16: Ahhhh I can’t wait to find out what Yoori did to kyungsoo! Please update soon :))))))) really love this story!
Jhilmilp 35 streak #5
loooove it so excited
Omg I loved that movie as a kid..
Chapter 2: lmao what did oc do to kyungsoo
Chapter 1: lmao "had raised a monster" ng, I rlly like the main character of thus Fanfiction. It's gonna be interesting
63 streak #9
congratulations on winning the bid!
Chapter 16: What did she want to do to yoori? Im worried..