Every night he comes by and buys a few items. She looks at him through the shelves and makes small talk when he brings his items to the cashier. Who is this boy from aisle four? And why does he always come by thirty minutes before midnight? Sadie wants to know and Gray wants to show. 


A/N: This story is actually inspired in another story that I'm currantly reading here on Asianfanfics. I inspired myself and came up with a different version of this story which means that I don't intend to copy cat the author. You should really read it, it's called "Coincidentally Fond" it's also with Gray but mine will follow a different storyline. You should note that, the main oc female character is an African-american girl called Sadie. (Symphani Soto) Jay Park has a younger sister, who will be interpreted by Jennie from Blackpink!! Then we'll find out a few things throughout the story. However, I hope everyone enjoy's this story as much as I am enjoying writting it. Updates will be set for two times a week, because sometimes I get busy but I'll put all my strenght and effort into completing this story and updating frequently. It might be a short story, might be a big one, it will depend on how I feel about it, other than that enjoy babes ;) BTW Her name is pronounced as Saydeh.




Sadie Malone (Symphani Soto ) 

Sunghwa Lee  (Gray Lee ) 

Kim Hyo Jung  ( Hoody Kim ) 

Jennie Park (Jennie Kim from blackpink ) 

Joo Lee  ( Jisoo from blackpink ) 

Kim Hyuk ( Dean ) 




The story's cover is brought to you by BUBBLEGUM GRAPHIC SHOP; GO Check her out, she's amazing and crafts awesome and very artsy, aesthetically pleasing posters for your stories. TRUST ME, YOU WON'T REGRET!!



Guys, I'm gonna be without wifi for a month or so and I'm terribly sorry. I'll be working on updates through that time and I'll make sure that I visit my friends and use their wifi so pretty pleaseee, be patient, good stuff is coming!!! I love you all!!

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