Who doesn't want to know what happened after YongSeo's last episode of WGM? For all the Goguma Couple fans out there, we all know how Yonghwa dropped many hints of still having feelings for Seohyun. Why doesn't Seohyun reply to these hints? 



This is my interpretation of how YongSeo's relationship continued after WGM. Honestly, this may be a depressing, but true story between the two or it may be the lovely and dream-like story we YongSeo fans adores. 

Read at your own risk.

Because in the ending of the story might not be what you'd like...


So thanks :) 

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Awwww, poor Seohyun. D: I got teary-eyed reading about how she kept saying she was alright. Hope you update soon!
shawie #2
risky as it may sound and thanks for the warning but I am still excited to read this...hope you can update immediately... Happy New Year!
I'm looking forward to this! Please update soon! :3