By the Pricking of My Thumbs

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Min Daejin has a job. She's a garbage man. And by "garbage," she means "extremely pissy dead people." As a perpetually tired shepherd of lost souls, she spends most of her time working with the dead, the undead, her cat, and other fellow witches. And she's happy like that, she swears. Then maybe it started with the stolen tengu eggs – no, it was definitely the kidnapped fairy – scratch that, it happened because of that rogue witch. Or maybe it really was the wendigo. But most likely it was because of what happened five years ago, and now it's finally falling around her ears. 

Park Chanyeol also has a job. He's a detective. And it's exactly what you think it is. Spending fifteen minutes staring at bodies mutilated in some way or another, spending a regrettable amount of time interrogating lackluster suspects and witnesses, and spending too many hours at the office. The only real solace he can find comes from his best friend, Wu Yifan, and an almost lethal dose of coffee. This all changes when he tries to stop a man from hurting himself and ends up becoming Daddy #2 to a demon.

Choi Miseol comes from a long line of mediums. Despite being born with this gift and growing up with others of the same ability, she's at a loss what to do when she's adopted by a dead college student. But she's not complaining. It's nice having someone to talk to and hang out with, even if she is the reason Miseol's entire dorm believes they're being haunted by a teenage suicide pact (which isn't not true). Unfortunately for her, Miseol doesn't know anything about ley lines. So when they start acting up and the baddies start coming out, her entire life is flipped on her head. 

Together, they stop the apocalypse. Maybe. 



By the pricking of my thumbs,
Something wicked this way comes.

–William Shakespeare, Macbeth






Warnings/tags: gratuitous use of explicit language, gratuitous use of foreign languages, witches and psychics and ghosts oh my, some sad necromancy, past and present and future character death, some potentially fatal situations, some blasphemy, complete lack of knowledge of korean geography and then city life in general, idiots to lovers, every mythology under the sun, made up monsters and general nonsense, a lot of bad writing and a continuously changing plot, et cetera. btw im never gonna explain this magic system


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