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Yoseob shifted nervously in his seat, his left elbow accidently nudging Kikwang beside him. He knew Kikwang was getting annoyed with all his fidgeting but it wasn’t easy to stay still when the epitome of nightmare was glaring down at you sending icy chills down your spine. His arms were crossed as he stayed perfectly still watching over them.  The obnoxious ticking clock in the background continued to test his patience and Yoseob was desperate for anything to break the tense atmosphere. His prayers were answered five minutes later as the door bell echoed into the living room, the terrifying man glared at them once more as a silent warning to not move until he returns back.

“I feel like I’m gonna die, I don’t want to do pranks no more – I’m just gonna do all my homework, go church and do one random nice thing each day and stay in my room.”

“Kikwang I have never seen you study or do your homework even once.” His tensed muscles finally relaxed as soon as the intimidating presence was gone.

He answered back with a snort. “And I seriously think you’ve got some weird obsession with Doojoon hyung ‘Oh! Let’s go egg his house this Halloween all because he tricked me into stealing Mr.Choi’s fake hair thing but who am I to be truly mad at him and his strong jaw line and built body’.” Yoseob gawked as his face flared up.

“I never said that! Also he’s always picking on me so of course I’m gonna fight back.”

“Quick question, why are both of you like this? You’re seventeen and he’s what twenty?”

Yoseob blankly stared back at him. “He’s only a year older than us Kikwang, if he was twenty then he wouldn’t be in our school.”

“Whatever, honestly he doesn’t even look like he’s eighteen – I mean look at you for example, you look-” Kikwang cut himself off as he hopped off the sofa, instantly catching Yoseob off guard he traced his comically wide eyes to find the scary looking man back along with a guest. Standing up Yoseob mentally thanked the gods above the stars for sending their saviour to finally end this dreadful night even though the knight in shining armour looked equally annoyed and tired as the man next to him.

“One of you better have a good explanation of what you just did.” Yoseob watched as his saviour tiredly rubbed his right eye, he must’ve been asleep before rushing down here judging by the ruffled hair and sleepy voice. When the menacing stranger demanded a guardian to pick them up Yoseob had no choice but to call his favourite cousin, there was no way he was gonna call either of his parents since they were still mad at him for previously getting suspended not to mention that he was currently grounded right now.

“H-Hyunseung hyung!” Kikwang beamed hoping to ease their hyung’s annoyance “it’s so good to see you! Long story short, but, we may have egged the wrong house?”

“You may have egged the wrong house?”

He’d almost forgotten about the guy next to Hyunseung who at the moment looked even more intimidating now if that was even possible. “Um I mean.” Kikwang stumbled over his own words slowly inching behind Yoseob.

“We’re really sorry about all this.”

His attention shifted onto Yoseob. “We thought Doojoon hyung lived here since we’ve seen him come here a couple of times, we’re sincerely sorry for involving you into this.”

“Doojoon?” he sighed for what felt like the seventh time in one night. “I’m guessing you mean Yoon Doojoon, that brat doesn’t live here. My younger brother is currently tutoring him and he’s been coming over for roughly a month now.”

Hyunseung stepped in front of the youngest two before bowing in front of the other. “I apologise in their behalf and I’ll happily pay up front for any damages that they’ve done.” Behind his fringe he subtly motioned for them to do the same with the slight tilt of his head. Yoseob and Kikwang copied their hyung without hesitation; after all he didn’t intend on bringing him into this mess too nor want him to shoulder all of the blame. Footsteps were heard padding across the floor away from him then again as they came closer.

“Take these.” Yoseob looked up as he was handed a bucket full of water with an old rag as Kikwang was given a dust pan. “Nothing’s been damaged beyond repair. You both can at least tidy the mess you’ve made and we’ll just call it a night.”

Hyunseung ushered both of them out of the house saying the sooner that they finish up the quicker they’d all be home. Within an hour of sweeping egg shells and washing yolk off the windows they were finally done and exhausted, the owner of the house didn’t seem to be as scary as he was from the start since he wasn’t all too mad now. Dragging their feet towards the car, Hyunseung apologised once more only for the other to insist that it was all water under the bridge. His back sunk into the comfy exterior of his seat, Yoseob brought his hand up to cover his yawn before the rumble of the engine came alive. Beside him Kikwang was in the same condition except that he was trying his best to not pass out.

The vehicle finally started to move as it reversed out onto the road once it was clear; with his head against the window Yoseob felt the roar of the engine rumble against his temple. Now that he thought about it they never did find out the guys name in the end. All he knew about that stranger was that his brother tutors Doojoon and the fact that he was very nerve-racking to be around.

The radio as soon as the car headed down the road, Yoseob caught sight of the house eyeing the moving vehicle he was in. The hairs on the back of his neck stood up when he noticed the man made no motion to move at all. Arms stubbornly crossed against his chest. Dark slanted eyes watching him like a hawk.


It wasn’t until a week and a half that he ran into him again.

Yoseob and Kikwang dropped by their favourite cousin’s apartment straight after school thanks to Hyunseung’s (not so) subtle hints that they both still owe him one for saving them from their parents wrath. Hyunseung was sat in the living room floor hunched over his textbooks until he heard the click of his front door opening.

Kikwang leaped in purposely shoving Yoseob out of the way. His arms were waving frantically up in the air along with a white plastic bag.

“We’ve arrived hyung!”

Hyunseung looked up from his stack of textbooks sprawled across the table. “Oh, I didn’t know you guys would be coming over.”

Kikwang made a bee line to where Hyunseung was sitting himself cross the table. “We texted you hyung, around an hour ago I think. Unless your phone died again that is.”

Pushing up his frames Hyunseung looked confused for a second. “Yeah it did actually. I left it charging in my room so I wouldn’t get distracted.”

Yoseob plopped down beside his hyung overlooking the highlighted texts and sticky notes. “Doing last minute work again hyung”

The eldest groaned, his right hand combing through his unruly hair. “Yes sadly, I never do learn from my past mistakes. Don’t underestimate how fast time can fly kids.”

“Why do you sound like you’re in your mid forties, you’re only twenty.”

“Well I sure do feel like I’m in my forties.”

“Poor hyunseungie hyung, if it makes you feel better we brought you bubble tea.”

Hyunseung jumped in his seat his attention drawn to the plastic bag in Kikwangs hand. Settling the bag on top of the table Yoseob dug in handing out two bubble tea cups for Kikwang and Hyunseung along with two straws.

“Ah, thank you. You’re both on my top five people I love in my heart.” Jabbing the yellow straw into his cup he drank up his honey peach tea with excitement before pushing around the coffee flavoured jelly bits around, he couldn’t remember the last time he had bubble tea.

“I know we are hyung, who’s the other three people though?”

The eldest grinned smugly, “You don’t need to know.”

The smile on his face faltered when he remembered about the pile of papers and textbooks waiting in front of him, he’d have to finish his coursework sooner or later. “Sorry about the mess guys, I got a deadline coming up soon so I can’t really mess around today.”

“Don’t worry about it hyung. Kikwang and I are willing to help you out.” Kikwang nodded enthusiastically before poking his hyung’s forehead.

“Seobie’s right, plus if you stress out so much you’re gonna get wrinkles on that pretty face of yours.”

He rolled his eyes before swatting Kikwang’s hand away with a small smile, “You mean /handsome/, not pretty. But I’d really appreciate it if you guys could help me out, I’ll even cook dinner in return.”

The youngest two listened intensely as Hyunseung explained the summary of course pointing out the various highlighted key parts covered in the notebooks. Occasionally he would answer a couple of questions from the duo about the brief which he didn’t mind answering.

“Hey seung, is it okay if I can have a refill?”

Kikwang’s pen dropped in shock leaving behind a streak of black ink across his paper. “You’re – You’re that scary guy from Halloween!”

“Kikwang.” Hyunseung scolded “I’m Sorry about that. Junhyung these two are my cousins, Yoseob and Kikwang. Yoseob, Kikwang this is Junhyung. A couple of days after Halloween I ran into Junhyung in my uni, turns out that we have a mutual friend.”

Junhyung chuckled not bothered by the fact that Kikwang dubbed him as ‘the scary guy from Halloween’. “It’s okay, we got off on the wrong foot that day and I’m not that mad. Besides I don’t really blame you, Doojoon can be irritating sometimes.”

Hyunseung stood up, “I’ll show you where things are, I recently bought some vanilla bean powder if you’d like.”

Yoseob was stunned. He didn’t realise that he would see him again. The only difference from before was that Junhyung seemed less intimidating. He watched his hyung open up one of the cabinets pulling out a jar of sugar whilst the other switched on the kettle before sliding a mug over to Hyunseung.

“It’s sort of weird seeing him so docile? Honestly Junhyung looks like the sort of guy who enjoys kicking puppies for a hobby.”

Yoseob did his best to suppress his laughter threatening to so spill through his hand. “He’s sort of like a store brand vampire in comparison to /real/ vampires.”

“Store brand?!” Kikwang shoved into Yoseobs shoulder as he fell forward “Oh my god I’m definitely gonna remember that.” He continued to laugh whilst desperately trying not to be so obvious. Yoseob pinched his side in return reminding him to keep it down; he was surprised that Hyunseung hadn’t turn around yet.

Ignoring his giggly brother he looked back at Hyunseung. The duo didn’t even notice on what was happening behind them. Junhyung was leaning against the counter listening to Hyunseung talk nodding every once in a while to what he was saying. He watched as Junhyung leaned in to pick something off of Hyunseungs hair before saying something that had the other laugh behind his mug, the tip of his ears were flushed red.

Yoseob felt as if he wasn’t supposed to witness this small intimate moment, even though they’ve only knew each other for a couple of weeks but with the way they both interacted it seemed as if they’ve known each other for years.

Overcoming his fit of laughter Kikwang regained his composure resting his head in the nest of his arms. “Yoseob?” He lifted his chin up seeing the other in a daze, confused by the lack of response he followed Yoseobs line of sight over to Junhyung and Hyunseung.

“Hey, did we miss anything?” Hyunseung returned next to Kikwang taking out a coaster under a notebook, sliding it over to Junhyung who wasted no time getting comfortable down.

“Nothing at all hyung.” He grinned from his spot. “Seobie and I were just talking about some parts of the brief were repetitive.”

Hyunseung had a sip of his bubble tea, “It’s always like that sadly, hey, how’s Dongwoon by the way I thought he would be coming too.”

The conversation between the two gradually drowned into the background, Yoseob couldn’t concentrate on what was going on with Junhyung now sitting across him. There was something in his gut screaming at him that there was something off with Junhyung, he just couldn’t put a finger on what it was.

On the other hand Junhyung was following along the conversation brewing between Hyunseung and Kikwang, speaking up every now and then. Everything was going okay until Junhyung’s eyes clashed with Yoseobs. His breath hitched. Then time stopped.

Unfazed by the owlish gawk he was receiving at the end of the table, he picked up his mug while still maintaining their awkward yet intense gaze before drinking. His eyes were straining from not blinking. Junhyung broke their mini staring contest, his focus diverted to the duo beside him instead. Kikwang made a tacky joke that sent Hyunseung into a giggle fit; he fell forward with a hand clutched on his stomach.

Junhyung moved his mug away, the ends of his lip pulled up forming a smirk. His eyes darted back to Yoseob again and there was something odd – there was a flash. A flash of red washed over his pupil just as Junhyung grinned at him. Then he saw it, the white straight teeth curiously stood out including the sharp fang that was particularly long compared to the rest.

Yoseob choked on his own saliva. His gut was right about Junhyung. The unfortunate situation instantly broke off Hyunseung’s and Kikwang’s conversation. As expected, Kikwang had no intention to help his brother.

“What happened, are you okay?” Hyunseung laughed in between his words before handing over a water bottle.

He gladly accepted the drink before narrowly glaring at Kikwang, “Thanks hyung and I just randomly choked on my saliva.” Heat crept up on his neck and ears knowing full well that they’ve must’ve been painted cherry red by now.

Yoseob brushed off his hyung’s concern insisting that he was fine reminding them that they should really get the assignment done as soon as possible.

“You should be careful next time.” Junhyung spoke. His face held a look of concern however the mocking smile on his lips gave it away. An obvious hint under his message

And this time Yoseob knew he wasn’t imaging things this time around.


A pair of chopsticks poked around in the small bowl before picking up a stray bok choi leaf just underneath a dumpling. The shockingly sharp fangs and red eyes cemented the fact that Junhyung was not human at all, he’s closest guess was that he was a vampire. There was no other way or explanation for those strange features.

After coming in realisation that Junhyung wasn’t human, Yoseob had been wary. Did this also mean that myths like werewolves exist too? The endless list of supernatural beings that he’d been told all his life could also be real by chance. Even though the thought of this hadn’t fully sinked in he had to focus on the fact that Hyunseung ould be in danger.

For now he was safe the only question was; how long he’ll be safe for?

Yoseob paused, absently staring into his wonton noodle soup. From the corner of his eyes another pair of chopsticks appeared poaching a dumpling off his bowl.

“I should’ve gotten this instead. This is delicious.”

“Why don’t you go back and buy some while the canteen is still open?”

“Nah that’s too far I’ll just eat some off of seobie’s bowl.”

Kikwang rolled his eyes as Dongwoon snatched one more dumpling before devouring it whole. Yoseob had been strangely quiet as if he’d withrdrawn himself from reality for a while, now that he thought about it seemed to have started two days ago right after they visited Hyunseung.

“Hey seobie” the other continued to stare in his bowl unaware, Kikwang cleared his throat. “Doojoon hyung is making his way here.” There was still no response. Dongwoon and Kikwang shared a look.

“Yoseob hyung are you okay?” Leaning forward Dongwoon waved his chopsticks rapidly in front of Yoseobs face. He blinked twice finally breaking out of his trance; this was probably the fifth time he’d accidentally spaced out again. What was he doing again? “Sorry, Dongwoon did you say something?”

“Yeah just wondering if everything’s fine, you’ve been spacing out a lot lately.” His brow furrowed as he unonciously bit is lower lip. Yoseob placed his chopsticks on the table, sitting up straight with two worried people across him.

“I’m okay; it’s just…that I’ve been thinking too much lately.”

Dongwoon tilted his head questioningly at the eldest. “Hopefully it’s nothing too serious, you can always talk to us about it if you want to.”

Yoseob fell silent once again contemplating on wether he should tell them or not, honestly how was he supposed to tell them that the freaky Junhyung guy is a vampire who could possibly harm his oblivious cousin any second. Knowing them especially Kikwang would’ve just dismissed his thoughts for school stress and lack of sleep. He knew for sure that if he kept on asking himself these never ending questions Yoseob was bound to drive himself crazy sooner or later.

“Seobie? You still there?” Kikwang asked

“Sorry yeah I’m still here” A bubble of nervous laughter rose from his throat “Can I ask you guys something?”

“Go ahead.”

His eyes shifted down to his forgotten cold lunch, a wave of anxiety washed over him. “Okay, right. So what are your thoughts on…vampires.”


Yoseob nodded. “Yeah vampires.”

Dongwoon took a sip of his drink. “I think vampires are cool, wait what kind of vampires are we talking about? Like the ones from twilight or your traditional allergic to sunlight and garlic vampire.”

“Uh, both I guess.”

“I think vampires are cool, overall. Honestly I think I’m more of a werewolf person myself.” Kikwang pondered on. “But if I had to pick between those two stereotypes I’d pick the twilight one.”

The shortest of the trio had his eyebrows raised in surprise; he didn’t peg Kikwang to be more of a werewolf person. “What’s your reason for that?”

“Well,” he abadonned his chopsticks beside the bowl “Out of the two the traditional vampire has more disadvantages than the modern twilight: such as not being able to go out at day, being allergic to garlic, and not seeing one’s own reflection.”

“Hyung’s got a point there, and for the twilight vampire the only disadvantage is being sparkly in the sun?”

Yoseob broke into a fit of laughter, the tension he was harbouring in him were slowly melting away. “Really that’s the only disadvangtge?”

Dongwoon shrugged. “Maybe I guess, I’ve never watched any of the twilight movies I’m just basing things off from what I’ve been told by other people.”

“I guess I’m siding with woonie for this, what’s with the vampire thing though? Have you been reading those creepy supernatural stories again.”

“No I haven’t. But I do have a theory that has something to do with vampires.” Looking around their table Yoseob realised that people around them were slowly making their way out, lunch was almost over.

The duo perked up in their seats. “Oh you do? What is it?”

“I think Junhyung hyung is a vampire.”

“Well, he sure acts and looks like a moody vampire that’s for sure.” Kikwang grumbled under his breath, leaving Dongwoon confused.

“Junhyung hyung? Who’s that and he’s a vampire? Are you serious seobie?”

Yoseob sighed deeply. “Okay I know this is going to sound ridiculous but I really think he is a vampire or something similar. But I’m a thousand percent certain that he isn’t human at all.”

“Okay well, do you have any evidence to support that statement?”

“I don’t have any solid evidence right now…but just please trust me on this Junhyung hyung isn’t exactly normal. And Hyunseung hyung could be in danger”

Kikwang was taken back at first; he thought Yoseob was just overwhelmed from schoolwork and upcoming exams. However he could tell that Yoseob was stubbornly serious about this issue even though the chances of Junhyung being a ‘vampire’ were slim to nothing.

“Wait, I’m confused who is this Junhyung hyung and is Hyunseung hyung really in danger?” Dongwoon spoke up after being out of the loop for a while.

“Remember how during Halloween me and seobie were planning to egg Doojoon’s hyung house, it went completely wrong and we egged the wrong house. Junhyung hyung’s house is the one that we accidentally egged.”

Yikes egging the wrong house.” Dongwoon clicked his tongue whilst shaking his head disappointingly. “You guys should know better than that and I’m supposed to look up to both of you.”

Rolling his eyes Kikwang kicked the others leg under the table. “Don’t act innocent / woonie/ you were the one who helped suggested this thing in the first place anyway.”

“But! I didn’t think that you guys would actually do it.”

“We’re going off topic here, seobie.” Yoseob turned faced Kikwang. “Honestly, I doubt that Junhyung hyung is possibly a vampire yet since you insist that Hyunseung hyung could be in danger I’ll help you out in any way I can.”

The maknae purposely shoved himself into Kikwangs view blocking him out completely. “I’ll also help you out too hyung since this is really bothering you, plus I’m not risking any chance of Hyunseung hyung getting hurt.”

“Also it is partially your fault that we got in trouble.”

Actually-” Yoseob finally cut in before they could start bickering again, “Okay, I think I get it. Thanks you guys, I know this all sound absurd but please trust me on this there something really off about Junhyung hyung and I don’t trust him around Hyunseung hyung.”

“Don’t worry seobie, it’s better to be safe than sorry.”

Yoseob agreed it was definitely better than nothing; the weight of his ongoing paranoia was finally lifting off his shoulders. He was going to prove that there was something wrong with Junhyung no matter what, the only question that he had in mind now was just how he was going to prove that.



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