Protect The Mafia

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Kim(Hero) Jaejoong is a killer but prefer to be called bodyguard, since he was young his father made him practise to be the guy he is today,he didn't want his son to be a victim of anyone.In the age of 6 he lost his parents and was left alone,so he closed his heart to anyone that tried to help him or get close to him after the night he saw his parents death by his own eyes he became a cruel monster thirsty for revenge and blood, after 13 years staying in a house with two  really close friends of his parents that found him and took him in their home to protect him and make him practise so that he can protect himself, his parents best friends The Family Jung found him and gave him a home,a place to call home and asked him only one thing :Now in the age of 24  he had the job to protect the leader of the most dangerous mafia team Jung Yunho,but without him noticing it.




Kim (Hero)Jaejoong:A bodyguard,strong and cruel with his enemies,24 years old

Jung Yunho:Mafia leader,strong,cruel but have a good side,34 years old

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Kattan69 #1
Chapter 5: Wonder why Yunho's parents didn't tell Yunho that Jae is protecting him.
BabyBugsy #2
Chapter 5: Woahh they meet two times and it would really enthusiam time. When yunho is curious abt jaejoong.. Well jaejoong is not cold as like as they though and his appearance at all..
Looking forward for next chap
BabyBugsy #3
Chapter 2: Hero is also kind guy..
Even he is so cold to everyone but he is really want to help someone who need help of him.
Jaejoong is really dangerous but awesome person.
BabyBugsy #4
Chapter 1: Poor jaejoong muat see his parents death in front of his eyes..
Thankfully exo protect and raised him so well and then love him sincerely..
Brownsugar40 #5
Chapter 5: Can't wait please update soon
jongkeyfreak #6
Chapter 5: Wow this is getting good.
meechan35 #7
Chapter 5: Thanks for all the updates.
Neng2ovid #8
Chapter 5: Now yunho has to figure out that it was jae that rescued junsu
Chapter 4: Oh god!!This story is amazing.. Please update as soon as possible. I am waiting here
Neng2ovid #10
Chapter 4: So no it's the soul fighters against each other.