Dear Somebody


Dear Somebody 
"Even a wishing star couldn't have given me, you, you are more than what I wished for,"

Not every confession letter you write for is meant to end up with the person it's intended for. Why? Because you're not meant to always have the person you want. Sometimes a little magic and a push (read: shove) is needed to help you end with true love. And what's a love story without an adventure? For one it'll be something exciting to tell the kids, wouldn't it be?

 Every wish granted has it's own magic. Behind that magic is but just a normal man. Mingyu is that man and Wonwoo, well, he's the one wishing. In a world where your wish is granted not by a star but by P.W.A (Pledis Wishing Agency) what can go wrong?

author's notes
Thanks to: Tess my blanket for creating the poster for me! Ilysm! Ann, my darling thanks so much for working with me for the trailer! Its amazing like you! Warnings of: Mention of Wonhui pairing. So, what are you waiting for? Come and join this Meanific ride in search of love and companionship.


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