Summer Lovin' [On Hold]

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My brother is an overbearing, selfish, good for nothing jerk. But his friend? Even more so. And I don’t have any idea how to stop myself from thinking of ways to shove his face in his , or kiss the daylights out of him.


Summer for me is mostly staying inside our house watching movies all day, or sometimes hanging out with a friend to ravish all the ice creams that we can eat. Summer for me is being lazy, and lazy is my kind of thing. But this summer, my brother came home from uni, and he was given the awful task to look after me, while our parents were away on a trip. He was forced to take me with him to Jeju island, to the hotel that his friend owns. I was thrilled. I was so ready to get myself soaked in the clear waters of Jeju, to bask in the heat of the ragging sun, with a nice, cold drink in hand. Everything for me was so exciting, until the day that we finally arrived at Jeju. With my brother pushing me out of the way, leaving me alone to fend for myself, I looked for my room inside this humongous building. I was more than ecstatic, seeing that the room was more than our money’s worth, compliments from this unknown friend of my overbearing brother. I jumped towards the bed and sighed, my back pressing against the softness of the king sized mattress. I can feel my eyes heavy with sleep, and as I was about to fall into slumber, I hear the bathroom door creak open. It pulled me away from my sleepy state, causing me to sit up from the bed, and what I saw before me, made my blood run cold, and my face flush in utter astonishment and discomfort.


Right in front of me is a man, clad in nothing but droplets of water. I watch in horror as he walks toward me, his head bend down as he rubs a towel on his wet auburn hair, and when I see him getting closer and closer, I screamed at the top of my lungs, causing him to look at me. I can see the confusion in his eyes as he stares at me, finally aware of my presence. He dare not hide his body from me, instead, he threw the towel on the carpeted floor, and very begrudgingly, walks towards me, a disgusting smirk plastered on his face.


“I didn’t know that service comes this early.”


He says, and before I knew it, he is pinning me down the bed, his body pressing against my clothed one. His perfectly sculpted hands now starting to rake all over my body.


I was shocked.


I was too mortified to even move a single muscle.


Never in my life have I thought that I’d be inside this kind of predicament, and I can feel the awful knot building inside my throat. But despite being in such a state, I kept staring at his eyes, slowly getting drawn by his mesmerizing orbs. I watch how his lips tilts to the side, a playful smirk plastered on his lips.


“Like what you see?”


He says coyly, then slowly, ever so slowly, he hovers over me, the tip of his nose now pressing against mine.


“Let the fun begin, sweetheart.”

Author's Note:

Well I was gonna write something that can make you guys cry a river, but this is Baekhyun for goodness sake! I can't force myself to write a serious fic about this guy. LOL. Anyway, I might post the first and last chapter after I've completed Flirtationship, or maybe before, let's just wait and see. Oh, and, there won't be , maybe...




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