Well-written YulSic & TaeNy Fanfic Recommendation Lists

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1. Are you Royal Family Shippers (YulSic & TaeNy)?

2. Do you only read well-written fanfiction stories?(grammar structure, coherence or vocabulary don't have to be 120% perfect, but have to be decent and adequate enough to be read )


1. Feel free to recommend amazing stories to me too, but once again, it has to be TaeNy & YulSic pairings (either stand-alone fics or RF pairings in a group)

2. To be noted: I will not going to consider or accept a fanfic with pairings outside TaeNy & YulSic as main couples. For example: fanfic, titled 'xxxxxx' with TaeNy, YulKrys as main couples or a fanfic titled 'xxxxxx' with YulSic, YoonHyun, YoonTae as main couples are not going to be considered.

However, I'm going to accept any possible pairings such as JungLi, MoonSun, SeulRene or even SooNa, just IF they're paired together with TaeNy or YulSic. Reason: once again, they are my OTP, nothing else :)

3. Any genres are considered: genderbender, girlxgirl. Including or . (but remember, it has to be well-written in order to be featured in the recommendation list).

4. Please remember to not be/get offended when you cannot find your own/favourite or recommended story on this list.

5. Recommendations must be given with the given format you can find below, otherwise it will be ignored.

6. Please do not bash any of the fanfictions recommended or or the persons who recommend stories in the comment section. Do not leave any rude comments or you will be removed.


Recommendation Format
Title (with Link):


Genres (with possible trigger warnings):

Status (completed, unfinished, one-shot or two-shots):

Brief description: you can copy the author's description or make your own summary

What are the great things about the fiction:

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Auzora221 #1
panemorfovouvalia #2
Chapter 20: Believe me, The Inmate is really really good!
15 streak #3
Chapter 19: why cant i download this?
SNSDtaenyAddict #4


Author: Nefrofer13

Genres: romance, family life

Status: ON-GOING (A little rated M)

Description: I Love you, even when your only a hope.
This one is the sequel of HOME. I hope you all will enjoy the journey.

- A magnificent story written indeed.
SNSDtaenyAddict #5

Title: HOME

Author: Nefrofer13

Genres: Romance

Status: Completed, Subscribers only

Description: “The whole idea was a mess, in fact it was stupid. To get married with someone who’s practically a stranger to me was already an absurd concept. But having a child with her was another level of ridiculousness.”
- Kim Taeyeon

- this story is so great that i cant even put words to it. its just purely amazing how the writer have written it...like a life lesson...life related situation? kekekeke
theres even part two that is also amazing!! as in amazing 100%
taeny_bear #6
Chapter 30: The blindfold and the wearer is my favourite !!
09983820298 268 streak #7
Chapter 39: I want to know the passwords but I can't:`(
09983820298 268 streak #8
Chapter 15: I can't create because my email address said its already been taken how can I make an account pls tell me

Title: The Lustful Wife of Mine

Author: dukoro

Genres: Comedy, Fluff

Status: On-going, Rated M

Description: Taeyeon and her girlfriend have everything arranged for marriage. They have booked a huge building for their guest, bought a beautiful wedding dress, beautiful rings with their names carved inside it, and they also had prepared the invitation cards but the thing is her girlfriend left her 3 months before the wedding. Being stressed and devastated on the day of their break up, she drove aimlessly and found a unique bar called MAZE. Never thought she would find her future wife there. One thing she didn't know is her future wife is a maniac, a very lustful maniac.

- This story made me laugh so much.

sringlesxx 0 points #2 May 23, 2017 10:55:36 

Title: Fifty Shades of Pink

Author: itsakyo

Genres: Fantasy, Romance

Status: Completed

Description: This is a very PINK story about a very PINK princess.

- I read this story last year lmao and I only remembered a few bits and parts of it but it's in my bookmarked stories so yeah why not.