Nobody Should Get Hurt

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Sur is a foreigner on an exchange program for work. Her friend and coworker, Boyoung convinces her to attend the Exolution Concert in Seoul. Sur is not an Exo-L, she doesn't even know the members but this is exactly what fascinates Baekhyun and helps him get over the ache of the distance between him and his girlfriend, Taeyeon.  


This was inspired by Exolution in Seoul when Baekhyun showed concern for the fans and advised them to move back so that they don't get hurt. 

First story, hope it turns out well though not yet finished.

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radzxx 0 points #1
Chapter 17: Urghh you've been gone for too long and this chapter was too short. But other than that I am worried about Sur and Baek's relationship and I can't believe Baek didn't defend Sur when Taeyeon called her a man snatcher.. I'm so mad at him!
radzxx #2
Chapter 16: I think its just the beginning of drama.. :/ why do i feel like that? :/
Tety_Vences #3
Chapter 15: Oh drama Hehe I wish Baekhyun and sur just end up with other
radzxx #4
Chapter 13: Damn the title of this story should be 'Everyone grts hurt - all the time!'
But its great to see you updating so soon, hope you'll continue to do so!
radzxx #5
Chapter 12: I feel so bad for her :/
radzxx #6
Chapter 11: OMG.. I don't even know what I want anymore from this story... He should not have done that, he basically did the exact thing her fiance did to her!!!
You better finish this story quickly because I don't think I can rest without knowing what's in your head right now.
radzxx #7
Chapter 11: Damn right you should be ashamed! Oh and good luck for your exams :)
Now I'm gonna read the chapter..
radzxx #8
Chapter 9: What school starts with exams?
radzxx #9
Chapter 7: Mmm is the new tag boyong? Sorry didn't really know the tags before.