Bad things


Things keep happening to Ryeowook but he does not want to worry his hyung because they are busy. What will happen?


This is my first time writing a story! Hope you like it >o<



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Chapter 9: UPDATE?
Sami96 #2
Chapter 9: What kind of drug did they inject him with?!
Chapter 9: Whaaaaaaat ????? Kidnapped o.O
Chapter 9: Are they testing some drugs on him? Or if they are doing something bad to him while he's drugged, then maybe the serum makes him forget all about it or something?
Chapter 8: This is just a suggestion but too much cliffhangers are bad :) Avoid writing cliffhangers at EVERY chapter's end, okay? Other than that, I like this story quite a lot. Hope to see an update soon! ^^
Chapter 8: Why on earth would leetuek slao him O.o ?
Choco_Angel #7
Chapter 8: Wut? Why did he slap him? Updateeee
alex0728 #8
Chapter 8: Why did he have to slap ryeowook.??!!
Chapter 8: Ah... Did he do that because Wookie keeps refusing to talk and he's making them worry sick or does he actually know something? And is Wookie sick or what's going on?
Sami96 #10
Chapter 7: I really like the story so far, I'm aways wondering what's going to happen next