48G Drabbles Caused by Work Induced Stress and Sadness



1) Supernatural Love (Furumarion - NaoxRion) (1 out of 2)

-Coming Soon-

2) Awkward Discoveries (Furuyanagi- AirinxChuri)

3) Injury & Hardship (ChuriNao)


-Planned Pairs (No particular order)-

  1. NaoRun
  2. DasuChuri
  3. Miyamarion
  4. Mayuki
  5. NaoAmi
  6. JuriChuri
  7. WMatsui
  8. NakoMiku
  9. RenAirin 
  10. RenaChuri
  11. EgoChuri
  12. AiriRion

-More to be added-



Yo. I started this because I wrote drabbles when I was stressed out or sad at work so.., they mainly are agnst drabbles. Expect crying.


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Chapter 1: I can't say alot about this yet.
I just want you to know, I want continuation. :-)