My debut days

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A short story about teen top's debut days . Some facts will be tossed here and there but the rest of the fic belongs to my imagination . This is not gonna be extra tragic or whatsoever . It's a light and fluffy read but will obviously contain some drama because I cannot live without it . 








" When he holds my hand , my skin tingles and heart beats fast . " the blonde male explained in a dejected tone making the older one  furrow his eyebrows in confusion . 


" That's a good thing . Why are you sad about it ? " Minsoo asked , genuinely astonished by his dongsaeng's crestfallen expression . Little did he know , there was only more drama waiting for him .


The younger snapped all of a sudden , his voice showing how much pain he truly felt behind that void expression he wore " NO IT IS NOT ! " 


Startled by the sudden outburst , Minsoo shrank back in his seat , waiting for the other to calm down and let it out , clearly . 


" It is not .. " Byunghun trailed off , almost on the verge of tears . 


" I don't feel safe or warm in his embrace .. He is not the one . but I .. I fell for him ." 



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teentopking #1
Chapter 1: I'm tani kkkk I made an account yah yah yah^^
teentopking #2
Chapter 1: You're always good at writing
byungtokki #3
Chapter 1: I actually am digging this format quite abit. long enough to cover the main chapter message yet short enough to make people crave for more.
and I really like how you depict the both of them here. especially the part where byunghun carress chanhee's cheek. it gave me a lot of feels imagining it.
hope you'll be able to update more soon.
byungtokki #4
the teaser is teasingggggg!
and your "obviously will contain some drama because I can't live without it" cracked me up. but yeah you know, me too man me too.