Let Me Love You - Kris


When you have a crush on the cutest guy in school, Kris, but then your parents throw in a twist into your life.

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Chapter 4: I like this story. But I am confused by Kris behavior... He clearly told her that he will not like her and insult her by telling no one will love her. Then after she finally gives him up, he tells that "if it has to be someone.... then it is her" ? Why? He doesn't love her but why say that. If he hate her why he want to marry her?
missadel #2
Chapter 4: Waaaaaa
zangsia1 31 streak #4
Chapter 4: Wonderful story but felt lacking why Kris treated her that way
CrisGalaxy #5
Gosh! Awesome story! Keep writing
love your story
thepoeticalcat #6
Chapter 4: Oh author-nim, with that emotional clench at the beginning~!
Loved it! -hugs-
redsnow_0311 #7
Chapter 4: I love it so much!! I literally cried when reading the 'heartbreak' part... Oh my! I really really really love this!!
Queenka94 #8
Chapter 4: And finally.......a happy ending ♥
Chapter 4: oh my.....sooooo beautiful!!!!!
Chapter 4: This is so cute ahaha, but I can't deny that while reading I wanted to slap the hell out of Kris.
Even if you don't like a girl you don't have to be so means. Plus, just refuse it politely would not hurt anyone.
Also, I wonder for a moment I was like “Kris are you bipolar or what” a moment he's kind, after he breaks her saying he's not interest. But the next day you suddenly watch her,then burst out of a room and then you being mean again. And after she announced him the new he worried about here and confess. Such an up and down what xD
Anyway good fan fiction I really liked it. Keep the good work author-nim.