RENT 1 - Amusement Park

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credits: tarozuki

credits: IBMINO


credits: tarozuki

credits: tarozuki


Current day…


Another explosion lit up the night sky, followed by the deafening sound of gunshots. People who ran out of the burning building were showered with bullets, fired by the most feared group in the underground organization – the Dragon Head unit. They kept their weapons aimed at the exit, making sure that whoever tried to escape would gasp for their last breath.


The head of the rogue group who dared cross the Triads finally emerged. Oddly, no shots were fired to end his life. His knees fell on the ground, coughing loudly as the smoke inside the building suffocated him. He squinted his eyes and lifted his gaze, his vision still blurry. He blinked again and with the swimming figures in his hazy sight, he saw that the Triads unit parted, making way for their leader – Jiyong, the current Dragon Head. The man smirked, evidently undeterred by his impending doom.


Jiyong had dealt with all kinds of bastards that it was honestly getting boring. He couldn't even be bothered by their lame reasons for doing their ry. Same old – they wanted to rise into power, they were doing it for the money or they had a score to settle with the Triads. Pathetic.


He towered over the man who was still kneeling on the ground, his gun hanging lazily on his hand. Jiyong's cold, ruthless eyes focused on him as he aimed the gun at his head.


"You won this time, Dragon Head."


"I always win."


"The day will come when you will lose everyth-..."


The shot was fired and the man's lifeless body slumped on the damp concrete.


"I don't have the ing time to listen to your nonsense," Jiyong muttered before turning around.


"Aw man! Boss, you should have let him finish his movie-ish dialogue and let him reveal his genius plans and all those she-bang!" TOP complained. "What's the rush?"


Jiyong walked past his right-hand man, his steps doubling its pace. "Boyfriend duties," he replied without glancing back.






I paced back and forth the living room while waiting for him. I might have already made a path in the carpeted floor since I have been doing this every time Jiyong went out in a 'mission'.


I slumped on the couch and let out a deep sigh, not knowing what to do. God! We've been living together for quite a while now and I thought I would get used to this, but I was very much mistaken. Every single time, it drives me crazy waiting for his safe return. It was no use distracting myself by watching my favorite anime. I even finished re-organizing the canned goods in the kitchen cabinet alphabetically and I was seriously considering sorting them out again in ascending order of their expiration date.


Kung Pao's noises pulled me out of my trance. Our pet was swaying drunkenly and bumping on every immovable object in the place. It was quite a sight, actually. I'm pretty sure TOP was the culprit who fed her some alcohol. When I saw the open bottle beside Kung Pao's bowl, I could already tell with absolute certainty that the psycho who did it was none other than him. TOP sometimes seemed to function by instinct alone, with no real purpose of his actions other than his own amusement. If Youngbae, Daesung and Seungri were not with him to control his genius ideas, this society would be in serious peril.


The sound of the keycode being entered was music to my ears. I shot to my feet and faced the door, eagerly waiting for Jiyong to enter.


"Hi babe," he greeted, even though he hasn't fully opened the door yet, knowing that I would be here awaiting his return. I surveyed his body hurriedly, my heart pounding with anxiousness, before masking my worry with irritation.


"You're late!" I exclaimed. He didn't even bother replying as he strode towards me and gave me a kiss before collapsing tiredly on the couch, stretching his arms on the backrest and tightly shutting his eyes.


Staring at him and noticing that there were no evident wounds in his body, a sigh of relief escaped my lips. I sat beside him and wrapped my arms around his waist while continuously looking at his exhausted face.


"Tired?" I asked, kissing him on the shoulder.


He peered down at me and gave me a lopsided smile. "Yeah," he mumbled.


"Want me to heal you?" I teased.


"You're not a anymore, geek. I've robbed you of your miraculous healing power."


"There is another way."


"Oh? Go on. I'm listening," his eyes squinted in amusement as he draped his arm over my shoulder. I snuggled closer to him and whispered on his ear.


" healing..." I said in the most seductive voice I could muster. To my utter shock, he facepalmed himself and snickered. This jerk! Here I was offering my body to him and he laughed at me?! Why would he do that? I looked at my body and...okay, I don't really have much to offer with my flat s and tiny frame BUT STILL!


I huffed in annoyance and pushed him away, crossing my arms over my chest while pouting.


"I'm sorry. Go on. You were saying?" He said in between chuckles.


"Forget it."


" healing, eh?"


"Forget it!" I exclaimed and turned my back at him, fuming in annoyance. GRRR!


"Hey..." He cooed and hugged me from behind, resting his chin on my shoulder. "Come on, babe. You know I can't resist this y thing," he teased, biting my ear lightly and kissing the crook of my neck afterwards. I am WEAK whenever he does that. Seriously, I should have a stronger resolve to make him suffer but the jerk knew what buttons to push to seduce me to submission.


"Where do you want to do it?" He whispered sensually. "Here? In the bedroom?"


I faced him again and my eyes automatically flicked down his lips. He smirked and dipped down, kissing me slowly while pushing me to lie on the couch. I was already panting heavily when he started ridding me of my skirt.


"Mhhmm... You're right," Jiyong said as he my bare skin with his hand. "I feel healed already. healing works like a miracle," he chuckled.


THIS JERK. "Shut up!" I shrieked and hit his shoulder, making him burst into a fit of laughter.






My blood was boiling with rage as I marched down the hallway towards Bom's office. A thousand artistic and marvelous ways of torturing her were running through my mind. If I catch her, no amount of ninja techniques will stop me from pulling her intestines out.


I couldn't believe she signed me up for the Product Convention when she was the one who was supposed to go there, that traitor! It would've been fine if I would be just one of the attendees who would listen to the presenters, but this year, our company is the presiding host. Which means, I will be the one promoting and discussing our various company products for five days! It was too much for my fragile ego. She knew I hated, no - I am absolutely mortified to do public speaking, but she went ahead and signed me up for this. I can already envision the humiliation that I will go through once I open my mouth in that Product Convention, in a room full of IT professionals and company bosses.


Everyone in the Marketing Department stepped out of my way as soon as they saw me charging like a bull. They knew what was up. And they were smart enough not to block my path because if they did, I would've eaten them whole and made a pyramid out of their tiny bones.


The door of Bom's office slammed against the wall as I stormed inside, kicking the door shut before facing the girl who was about to die in my hands.


"D-Dara," she stuttered while gawking at me in fright.


"Come here," I said as I strode towards her. She immediately cowered behind her desk, pressing her back against the floor-to-ceiling glass wall.


"Dara, let's calm down first and-..."


"Come here," I repeated as I walked around her desk, but she ran towards the opposite side to get away from me.


"It's just a five-day convention! It's part of our job to attend those!"


At that point, I completely lost it. I lurched forward, with the desk between us, trying to grab her. But Bom quickly jumped away, shrieking madly like she was about to get murdered - precisely because she was about to get murdered.


"You're the one who's supposed to attend that convention!" I yelled as we continued running around the desk - me trying to catch her and tear he

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