RENT 11 - Twenty Million Won

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Jiyong took a puff of the cigarette and flicked the cigarette elsewhere as he strode dangerously towards the man kneeling on the floor, his arms restrained by the Dragon Head unit members behind him, his face an abstract combination of blood and wounds. There were a lot of unconscious and dead bodies scattered all over the abandoned building after the unit successfully raided them.


"I heard you're the delivery guy," Jiyong muttered, eyeing the man without a shred of mercy with his stoic eyes.


"I-I didn't deliver any items to the Candle Committee. Please...I don't know what item you're looking for-...UGH!" He slumped and coughed painfully when Jiyong kicked him on the chest.


"Let's try this again," the Dragon Head said in slow, threatening tone while playing with the lighter on his hand.


"No! Please. There was no contract about Auction by the Candle, I swear!"


"Then, what was your contract that has something to do with the Triads?"


The man hung his head low, but Jiyong gripped a fistful of his hair and made him look at him. He gasped in fear upon seeing the mobster boss' unwavering gaze with a promise of torture. They shouldn't have crossed the Triads. The current Dragon Head, unlike his predecessor, was a hundred times more ruthless. His stance alone spoke of his experience in combat, his intimidating gaze making anyone quiver in fear.


"Do not make me repeat my question," he hissed.


"T-The girl holding Triad intel. The girl named Nana. But we failed to deliver at the agreed time and place, making the contract void."


Jiyong's eyes squinted in rage. "Who was the contractor?"


"W-We don't meet our contractors to protect their anonymity," he struggled to say. The man groaned in pain when Jiyong gripped his hair firmly and almost broke his neck as he reclined his head in a dangerous angle. "B-But he goes by the alias Orcus."




Jiyong released the man and straightened up before striding away, his expression becoming grim. "Clean this mess up," he ordered.






"Orcus, huh? This is ing great," I threw my hands up in the air while the others continued to rummage the newly arrived crates containing our weapons inside the Triad artillery warehouse.


"Orcus, the punisher of broken oaths in Roman mythology. Why do these bastards get to have the coolest aliases? I don't understand! Someone please explain it to me," I demanded as I stood in a very close distance behind Daddy Youngbae who was busy inspecting the guns.


"Ugh! Hyung, get away from me!" He yelled, nudging me with his elbow. I grumbled and stomped my feet towards the nearest crate, lying on top of it as our boss walked past me. I have decided that I'm going to be a potato today. I have so many stored emotions that I felt like I'm becoming a girl. I need to do manly things such as lying down on a crate full of weapons and doing absolutely nothing.


"There's still no announcement of the time and location for the auction," Seungri informed us.


"Boss, this Orcus might be the possible traitor in the Triads, isn't he? He seemed to be very informed," Daesung commented, slumping on the ground together with Seungri. "Nana was just with us not too long ago but her name already got out. She was not even introduced to the Triad officials since the Triads party has not been held yet."


"I don't know. He might not even be from the Triads Seoul Chapter. All I know is Nana should be heavily guarded from now on. I want all of you to make sure she's always safe."


"Yeah, yeah. Of course," I mumbled while eyeing him. Nana this, Nana that. I am ing sick of this, to be honest. Didn't he see Dara's reaction when she saw the two of them at the firing range? Every day since then, whenever I tailed Dara, she would sometimes stop by the playground to sit on that damn swing and stare somberly far ahead like an empty shell. I couldn't even join her and make her feel better because at this point, I also don't know what the hell is up.


Jiyong glared at me, but I didn't avert my gaze.


"Nana is a part of the family, just like Mr. Tang. And I don't see any of you making her feel welcomed, that's why I stick to her and ensure her safety. Do you want her to end up like Mr. Tang? It was our damn fault that he was brutally murdered! If we paid more attention to him, if we at least made sure that he was safe every time he went home, he wouldn't have been nabbed on the street right under our noses! We didn't do anything for Mr. Tang when he was alive. But he cared for us like his own sons!" His voice hiked up, his jaws clenching as he darted his eyes to the four of us.


"Boss," Youngbae sighed and strode towards him, patting his shoulder. "Calm down, will you? We also feel bad with what happened with Mr. Tang. And we have nothing against Nana. We also wished for her to be safe. But don't you think you're forgetting Dara?"


Damn it. We are all guilty over Mr. Tang's death, and we all wished we could have done something more for him when he was alive. Since the former Dragon Head, Mr. Tang had been serving the Triads loyally and he was like a father to our unit. But channeling his guilt towards Nana was too much.


"Dara is fine," he said. "We see each other every day."


"Dara is not fine, Jiyong," I muttered as I sat up. "You see each other every day but you're not looking at her closely. Your treatment to Nana is making her anxious. Even the people around you are questioning your relationship with our secretary. Imagine what is running through Dara's mind."


A string of curses exploded in Jiyong's mouth as he narrowed his eyes at us. "I don't ing get why you would drag Dara into this when Nana and I are not doing anything wrong. She's our secretary, damn it!"


"This is ruining her, Jiyong. In our world, you're the only one she could hold on to. But, the way you're behaving, she's

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