Let Me Be Yours


A story about the Byun twins- the famous models in South Korea meet the professional photographer a.k.a Park Chanyeol- the coldest human being. Will the twins succeed in capturing Park Chanyeol's heart? And what will happen when the latter is in love?





-a well-known photographer

-creates masterpieces

-too handsome to be a photographer

-has his own (successful) company 

-cold; doesn't talk much

-obviously obvious; doesn't know how to hide his feelings

-clumsy but no one has ever seen this side of him



-the hyung

-overly cute


-easily cry ("But I'm still the hyung!")

-tries to look manly and matured but fails

-loves his brother too much

-too bright and hyper

-Park Chanyeol is his idol



-charming but still cute

-only talk to his brother and their bestfriend, Jongdae

-easily bored

-loves chocolates more than anything

-doesn't really show his emotion

-gentle and polite

-envy his brother 



-the twins' favorite man

-often gets headache because of the twins

-caring and a good listener

-scolding the twins is his main job

-nags a lot

-sometimes can be too loud

- "Ah waeeeeee?" 

-gets flustered and doesn't functioning well when 'that cute guy' appears



-Chanyeol's bestfriend, bu

-gentle and warm

-sometimes can act like a kid

-Park Chanyeol's adviser

-"Okay, so which one is Baekhyun and which one is Baekho?"

-'that cute guy'



-works as model in Park Chanyeol's company

-loves to barge into his 'boss' personal office

-dirty minded

-the coolest guy


-adresses himself as Park Chanyeol's bestfriend when the latter pretends he doesn't know a guy named Kris



-the twins' manager

-regrets his choice to work with the twins

-always be the one who stops the 'war' in between the twins

-cheerful but ends up losing his mood because of the twins





A/N: Hello, I'm back with a new fic (Just Wanna Taste Your Love is the first one and do read it if you still haven't xD) and I just miss writing so much so I decided to come out with this. Other characters will be put later as this story has a shocking plot that you (probably) wouldn't know. ㅋㅋㅋ

Warning: sudden angst, late updates


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Hello everyone! I'm alive!!
I'm so sorry for not updating the fic for a long time. But I'm still here you know.I hope you guys are still looking forward to this fic. Let me know you are still here so that I'm encouraged to write again! Stay healthy everyone!
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