The girls can't sleep or they'll never wake up again! 

But they can't stay awake forever!

What can they do!

Who can save them from this nightmare! 

Or they have to save themselves?

And... will their friendship last? 


Argh! I groaned as I tried to stretch my arms in the limited space I occupied.

"Are we there yet?" I asked the girls, still feeling a bit groggy.

There was no response.

"Felt like I've slept forever but I'm all recharged!" I added in with much satisfaction.

"Sigh... We hardly get a holiday break and all you wanna do is sleep," Yuri nagged from the front passenger seat.

"Yeah, unnie. We were having so much fun laughing and chatting while you were having your little nap," Yoona chirped in. "We were saying that..."

"YOONA AH! LOOK OUT!!" Yuri yelled out, trying to take control of the wheel. The car swerved out of the way just in time to avoid the incoming lorry.

Phew! That was a close call!

"Sorry, I was too excited about the trip and got ahead of myself," Yoona explained apologetically while Yuri kept her eye on the road. I could tell that she was annoyed.

Yoona can get easily distracted and Yuri was always there to get her back on track. But it didn't help much as Yoona began to rely too much on her instead.

"Alright, alright. Yoona, just focus on driving yeah. Let's keep up with Tiffany's car," I said, hoping to ease the awkward tension.

"Aaaaare we there yet?" Another voice yawned.

I turned to my side just in time to see Sunny wiping her drool off with her hand.

"Ewwwww, can't you use a tissue?!?!" I smacked her shoulder.

"No, I can't" she replied with a smug.

"OMGGGG! Why do I have to be trapped in a confined space with this woman?" I muttered as I turned to face the window, away from the disgusting sight.

It was then I noticed. Our surroundings.

"Don't you think it's getting a bit foggy around here?" I questioned.

"Yeah, I almost couldn't see Tiffany's car," Sunny replied as her head popped in between the front seats.

"Oh my, we better give her a call and tell her to slow down. Else, we have no idea how to get to the resort!" Yuri quickly dug out a phone from her bag.

"Crap, no signal?!?" She gasped in disbelief.

"Hello? Tiffany arh? Could you slow down? We can't see your car in the fog, not even the road."

Sunny had already contacted Tiffany while Yuri was searching for her phone.

"Told ya to find a new mobile provider," she mouthed.

Yuri sticked out her tongue and rolled her eyes in response. I chuckled. They can be so amusing and annoying at the same time.

"What fog? Everything is as clear as day," we can hear Tiffany's voice from the phone.

"Yeah, we can see your car. You guys are still behind us," another voice spoke. It was Seohyun.

"Nooooo! Omg, that is not Yoona's car! It's a different license plate!" another voice exclaimed. It must be Hyoyeon, she's very alert and good with numbers.

Oh great! And I was getting pretty uncomfortable with this foggy situation here.

"No worries guys. We're actually really really close to the resort. Just keep driving straight and we are there," Tiffany calmly assured us.

Yuri grabbed the phone from Sunny, "But.. but... what if.."

"Du...Du...Du..." the line was cut off.

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Chapter 19: Thx for the update.. aigoo.m soo is like a kid..heehw.. cool tae
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Chapter 15: It's interesting story you have here, waiting for more..
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Ohhhh thx for writing unique ficm..ohhh can't wait to see what happen next