Fearless and Beautiful, A Child of a Shinin' Star


A drag queen at night and dreamer by trade, Jiyong is young, broke, and fabulous. After a crappy night, Jiyong encounters a mysterious man at a bus stop and his life takes a new turn he never expected. Will Jiyong let life lead him towards happiness he never thought he would obtain?


Because I love drag queens more than a normal person should. My favorite show is RuPaul's Drag Race and I love imagining idols as drag queens. I finally decided I wanted to write one where Ji and others are actually queens.

A quick note: When in drag, queens are often referred to with female pronouns, since it is female impersonation. Throughout the fic, I will be referring to the queens as "she"/"her" when they are in drag, especially for Jiyong's alter ego. Keeping in line with the idea, female honorifics will be used by characters in certain situations. (ex: a younger queen calling an older queen "eonni" as opposed to "hyung")

Title comes from lyrics of RuPaul's "Glamazon."
There may be vague references to things from RPDR because I am trash and/or was used for minor inspiration.

Other YG family members will appear in the background of the fic and other romances as well!


Genre: Coming of age, romance, mostly Jiyong-centric
Length: estimated 18 chapters (subject to change)
Chapters will most likely be around 5k, unless there is a special occasion

I'm going to try to write an update soon. I know you are all waiting. I've been dealing with a lot of personal stuff that makes it hard to work. Thanks for your patience
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