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An Applyfic by sweetch3rry


 "Seekers of victory. We are Knights&Rose."
 NewStar Enterianment was founded in 2011 by CEO Jang Jaehyuk. They have been recriuting trianees since then, but haven't yet debuted any group. That is until now. NewStar Entertainment intends on debuting a boy group and a girl group, being a small company they don't have the money for many comebacks. The company is going to be ruined if both group don't succeed. They decided to take the risk of debuting 5 boys and 5 girls trianees in a boy group named  Knights and a girl group named  Rose. However there is a twist becasue they will be promoting as coed group from time to time, being known as Knights&Rose. The reason for this is to gain attention and recognition for both groups by promote each other and connecting their fanbase in hopes of boosting their popularity and chance for success. But would both group truly be able to succeed together. Or fail like most groups from small companies?
> updates 

09/18/16: Apply Open

09/23/16: I changed the group name from Ethernal to Knights&Rose. I also changed the app's color. If you already filled out the original app, you don't have to worry about it. You can just turn that one in.


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