~ Yoonmin Fic Rec List ~

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Since I have such a long list of Yoonmin Fanfics I like, I thought of sharing it with you guys! It says Completed but I'm always posting new ones.



Warning: Since I'm a person that doesn't like heavy angst and bad endings there probably won't be any. Also many fics.


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Thank you for the many yoonmin fics you've placed here.! ? YoonMin fans let's celebrate?
Shirsha23 #2
123 streak #3
Chapter 411: Blueberry muffins is always going to be my all time favorite!!!!
maddanie #4
Chapter 411: Im so happy to see Blueberry Muffins on here!!!!! Its one of the best fics Ive read in so longggg!
123 streak #5
Chapter 113: These recs are pretty cool authornim!!!
Chapter 404: https://archiveofourown.org/works/10905351/chapters/24245889
Try this one it's really Really really good
AllisonRowe #8
Hello ive been looking for fics where Yoongi is famous(or popular in their area) and jimin is his fanboy/admirer..idk i just wanna read something like that haha

Also tnx so much for making this rec list tnx for exisring ily <33333
Rochana_1234 #9
Chapter 1: Omg! Love ur suggestions. ?? ❤ ❤