When A Bad Boy Falls For The "Nerd"

Your POV

I woke up to a blurred blob of sunshine hair? God, I need my glasses. I grabbed my glasses from the table and saw that it was just ________. I guess he did stay over. I smiled. It's nice having a friend over for once. I grabbed my phone to check my texts as I realized it was finally the weekend. I had a bunch of text messages.

Lina: Ya! Did you forget we were supposed to meet for lunch?!

Emily: She probably forgot.

Jayden: Don't you guys know she's probably working on her project with ________ ;)

Lina: But that was yesterday.....?

Emily: You're not saying......

Jayden: Yes, I am.

Lina: I'm so lost.

Emily: Oh for 's sake Lina, he's either at her house or she's at his house.

Lina: oh....OH

Jayden: Lord save my soul.


Jayden: Or did you do each other too? ;)


Lina: Alright~

Emily: Whatever you say.....

Ugh, my friends are such es, I swear. I huffed as I got up to go get ready. I noticed how innocent and cute he looked in his sleep, I leaned closer and gently brushed the hair out of his face. I'm actually glad you aren't that bad as a friend. I smiled and rushed to the bathroom. 

I stepped out of the bathroom wearing a tank top and a pair of short shorts, definitely contrasting what I usually wear to school but it's just my style. I went out to grab a snack and saw him still fast asleep. I can't just leave him here like this. What kind of friend would I be? He'd wake up all confused and stuff. 

"Hey, ________, wake up." I nudged him.

"Hmmm?" He groaned as his eyebrows furrowed.

"Wake up." I chuckled.

"Oh, god, did I fall asleep?" He slowly sat up and rubbed his eyes.

"Yeah, it's okay, I did too." I nodded.

"Haha, wow~ talk about a good night sleep." He laughed.

"Hey, so I'm about to go for lunch with my friends, you wanna come?" I asked.


"Just Lina, Emily, and Jayden." I shrugged.

"Oh yeah, sure. I'll drive us." He stood up.

"You're going like that?" I joked.

"You're right, we can make a quick stop at my house." He nodded towards his car.

"Okay." I nodded.

We got into the car and headed for his house. Suprisingly, his house was literally five minutes away from mine. Huh, how come I never see him around? 

"You want to come in or..?" He asked.

"Are you gonna take a long time?" 

"I don't think so, I'm just gonna change." He shrugged.

"Oh, then I'll just wait." I nodded.

"Alright." He closed the car door and left.

Huh....his car is actually pretty nice. The seats were leather and the inside was black as well as the outside. It suits him. He had a cute charm by the little slot on his side of the door. I didn't want to be nosey so I didn't look too into it. I got out my phone to check in with my friends.

Lina: Are you here yet?

Emily: What kind of a dumb question is that?

Lina: I just wanted to know....

Me: I'm on my way, order us a water or something.

Lina: Us?

Emily: Maybe we should leave and give the two kids a date ;)

Jayden: I second that motion.

Me: Shut up, can't friends eat lunch together? 

Emily: Ssssure ;)

Jayden: Don't stain his leather sheets, I mean seats ;)

I rolled my eyes and put my phone away as I noticed him coming back to the car. He was wearing a pair of jeans and a white shirt. Simple, but his colors matched mine. 

"Good job for copying my style." I joked as he got in.

"You're welcome." He chuckled as we drove to the location.

"Nice car, by the way." I commented.

"Thanks. Do you know how to drive?" He asked.

"Yeah, I'm just not confident in driving on the main highways." I answered.

"Oh, why?" 

"It scares me." I chuckled shyly at my own fears.

"Awe, hey, I'm sure you could do it if you practiced." 

"Yeah, I'm good." I shook my head.

"It's here, right?" He asked as he pulled into a parking spot.

"Yeah." I checked the name.

"Alright, let's go." He said as we got out of the car. 

Immediately, we noticed our idiot friends as we walked in. I sat next to Lina as he sat next to Jayden. 

"Wow, you guys aren't even late." Jayden said.

"Were you busy doing something?" Emily smirked.

"Yeah, sleeping." I answered, determined to not fall into her trap.

"Anything else?" Jayden raised his eyebrows.

"Homework." ________ shrugged.

"Okay, okay." Emily said, her hands up in defense.

"Let's order." Lina nodded to the menu.

"You guys did already?" I asked, opening the menu.

"No, we waited for you." She glared.

"Sorry." I smiled apologetically. 


"That was fun." Emily said.

"Yeah, it was." I smiled, content.

"You guys wanna do something or?" Jayden asked.

"Do what?" Lina asked.

"I don't know, it's Saturday. So the mall?" Emily said.

"Sure, why not?" I shrugged.

"How bout you, man?" Jayden slung his arm over _________'s shoulders.

"Sure." He nodded.

"Alright, let's go!" Lina grinned as we all exited the restaurant.

We arrived at the mall in less than half an hour and went in. The guys split up from us as my friends literally started to interrogate me.

" are you and mr.bad boy?" Emily asked.

"What, we're just friends." 

"Friends don't sleep- okay, they do, but this is clearly different. You hated him like last week!" She exclaimed.

"He's an okay friend." I defended.

"So you're telling us you like him just as a friend?" Lina asked.

"Yeah, what else would I like him as?" I chuckled.

"Um, need I remind you, you used to like him." Emily said.

"For his face, only for his face. Besides, I'm over it. I'm cool with being just friends." I shrugged.

"Really? So you would be cool if I told him you used to like him?" Lina asked.

"Dude, no. We just started being friends, that would creep him out." I furrowed my eyebrows in frustration.

"True, true." Lina nodded.

"Look, we're just friends and if anything else happens, which it won't, I'll have to do something I don't want to do." I said.

"Alright, it's your life." Emily shrugged.

God, why are they all up in my case? Nothing's gonna happen. We're just friends. I mean, sure I used to like him but any chance of dating is gone now. He's a bad boyfriend. If I date him, he'll cheat on me, making me hate him forever. I don't know about any of you but I'd rather be friends with someone than hold a bitter grudge on someone. 

We spent the rest of the day looking around, not buying much because either it wasn't on sale or it just wasn't any of our styles. We went out of the mall and tried to figure out what to do. The guys were probably still in the mall.

"I don't have _________'s number." I sighed.

"Okay, well, we can just call Jayden." Emily said as she got out her phone.

"Alright, do it." Lina said. 

"Awe man, there's probably no signal in there." Emily was clearly frustrated.

"Okay then, look, I can just drive ya'll home, and the guys can leave in _______'s car, sounds good?" Lina suggested.

"Yeah." I hesitantly nodded.

"I'll text Jayden to tell him just in case he gets confused or offended." Emily chuckled.

"Alright, let's go." Lina said, twirling her keys as she headed out.

They dropped me off at my house as I walked in and carefully locked the door. I changed into an oversized t-shirt as I took off my bra with a sigh. This damn bra hurts my ribs so much, damn. I thought as I threw it into the hamper. What a fun day~ I smiled as I drifted off to sleep. Being his friend isn't so bad after all. 


"Oh, so I guess the girls left an hour ago." Jayden said, checking his phone as we left the mall.

"Wow, that's so useful right now." I rolled my eyes with sarcasm.

"Hey, there was no signal in there, ok?" He feigned an offended expression.

"Yeah, yeah." 

I dropped him off at his house and then headed home. As I drove to my house, I saw _________'s house. I wonder if she got home okay. All the lights are off, maybe she's asleep. I really wanted to go and check up on her, but we aren't close and I might creep her out so I didn't. I got in my house and took off my shirt and changed into a pair of boxer briefs. I jumped into bed and got on my phone.

Hey, I heard you're single now, wanna go out? ;p

It was from Lisa. She's the most popular girl in school, everyone knows her. I used to have a huge crush on her but eventually got over it. I knew I was popular too but she was on a whole different level ahead of me. Should I go out with her.......? I mean, it can't possibly hurt to experience my long-term fantasy. And plus, I'm only friends with ________, I'm sure she'll be cool with it.

Sure ;)

I hit the send button and sighed. It can't hurt to try.











What?! This jerk! I can't believe he did that!

Do you think _______'s gonna be cool when

she finds out that he's dating the most

popular girl in school? Does she even like Lisa?

Is this going to change their friendship?

Are there even romantic feelings between

these two friends?

Subscribe and comment to find out~!!










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