In Another Life (Descendants Of The Sun)

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Their paths have crossed long before it has crossed again; many years before their love was rekindled, fate played to make their first meeting a tragedy.


A multi-chapter, Joseon-themed fic between YSJ and KMY


I was watching a Joseon-based drama a week ago and it really moved me to write one with YSJ and KMY in it. It’s a tad bit serious. Kinda fluffy, but I intend this to be more inclined to the emotions.


Some things I got from the internet. I correlated them with the character’s role for this fic.


*panseo: ministers who form the Six Ministries, the chief executive body of Joseon. It  has the following: Ministry of Personnel (Ijo), Taxation (Hojo), Rites (Yejo), Defense (Byeongjo), Justice (Hyeongjo) and Works (Gongjo)

*byeongjo: minister of defense/war (Yoo Si Jin)


*yeonguijeong: chief sate councilor. Highest ranking official in the government that forms the State Council (Uijeongbu) of Joseon, which is the highest deliberative body of Joseon Dynasty. (Yoon Gil Joon).

*uichangseong: right minister (Yoo Young Geun, Si Jin’s father), assisted the State Councilors.

*uinyeo: female physicians, (Kang Mo Yeon, Yoon Myung Joo)

*naeuri/nari: term used by commoners to address people of higher status, but people below daegam, or His Excellency.

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