Chapter Two

In Another Life (Descendants Of The Sun)
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Author's Note:

Other stuff:

-daegam: 1st senior rank to 3rd senior rank (Chief State Councilor to the Six Ministers). Yoon Gil Joon, Yoo Young Geun, and Yoo Si Jin belong to this group. So they can be addressed as daegam.
-uinyeo: doctors/physicians/nurses. Kang Mo Yeon and Yoon Myung Ju here shall be addressed as uinyeo-nim. (The head physician is called su uinyeo)
-sangbok: everyday business attire of government officials. Colors differ according to rank. For 1st-3rd senior rank RED is worn.
-panseo: a minister
-byeongjo: a minister of defense
-naeuri/nauri: Sir (an honorific for people ranking higher than the speaker but these guys are below the royal people)
-gunkwan: soldier/military guard. (This is what seo dae young is here. He can be addressed as Seo-gunkwan.)

**dude i swear Seo-gunkwan sounds like Sungkyunkwan and it reminds me of Sungkyunkwan Scandal and joong ki played there a joseon playboy called gu yong ha/yeorim HAHA anywayyyyysssss...*


Chapter 2



A week has passed since Yoo Si Jin's short and unforeseen visit in the commoners' health center. Last week, he left that place thanking the physicians and telling them that his sudden unconsciousness was brought about by stress.


"There's really nothing to make a fuss about," Si Jin said, "I'll be going now,"

"But naeuri, you have to refrain from working at late hours," one of the head physicians of the hospital reminded the minister politely, "Please watch over yourself,"


Si Jin nodded, "I will, suuinyeo-nim," He started to walk towards the building's exit when he paused, and looked back after being reminded of something, "By the way, when I was rushed here...would you happen to know who watched over me? I would like to thank that person,"


The woman shifted her eyes, as if she was hesitant to reply, "Ah. About that..."

"Was it you?" He asked, and the head uinyeo shook immediately. "Who was it then?"

"Well... Actually..." The head female physician apologetically bowed her head to the minister, "Since most of us were out for a medical conference in town, no one else was left here except our new recruit. She's not even a certified physician or nurse. We're really sorry for leaving you to Kang Mo Yeon-ssi, she's really inexperienced but I hope she did well in watching over you while we were away,"


That name.

"Kang Mo Yeon...?"


"Ne," She nodded, "We're really sorry about it. Next time we'll make sure we have a well-trained physician on guard and—"

"Wait a minute," He waved his hand, trying to stop her from explaining anything further, "What are you apologizing for? She did well,"


Her response made Si Jin all the more curious. "Is she not supposed to do well here?"

"Ah, no. It's not that," The head uinyeo fidgeted on her fingers, "She just has no experience. A clean slate in the field of medicine, so she still has so much to learn. She currently works as an errand lady in the center,"

He slowly nodded as his mind digested what the head physician just said before he shot another question, "May I have a word with her?"

She looked surprised, "W-What? Did I hear that clearly, naeuri?"

Si Jin nodded.

"You would like to speak...with that woman?"

He nodded, slightly curious why it felt like the head uinyeo was prohibiting him from talking to her. "Yes. Wae? Am I not allowed to?"

"Did...she do something wrong?"

What? He raised a brow. " I just want to thank her,"

"Oh, thank goodness. I thought she caused trouble," the physician heaved a sigh of relief, "Please wait for a moment, I'll call her," She finally said with a feeble smile before scurrying back inside.

Si Jin's wait had given him enough time to contemplate on the conversation. Just by perceiving the woman's actions and comments on Kang Mo Yeon, it seemed like she was a person who could wreak havoc in the institution, probably a huge pain in the .

A beautiful pain in the , Si Jin thought as his eyes directed to the woman walking to his direction with her head down. He can't help but smile at her apologetic disposition, as if she had done something wrong.

"Naeuri.." She bowed when she stopped a few steps away from the minister, "If I did something wrong, please forgive me,"

"You did one, actually," Si Jin said teasingly as he crossed his arms, "You assume that you've done something wrong when you actually have not,"

She looked up slowly, "Mianhe,"

"You don't have to apologize, Kang-uinyeonim" Si Jin said, reaching out his hand to her, "I'm Yoo Si Jin, by the way,"

Instead of reaching to shake his hand, she bowed politely, "Kang Mo Yeon,"

"I know. I asked you a while ago, haven't I?" Si Jin moved in closer, "You just ran away,"

"Oh. Right," she flinched when the man stepped forward once more, causing her to nervously step back...

...and scurry away from him again.

Seriously, what's wrong with that woman? Si Jin thought as he watched her almost trip while she ran back inside.



Eomeoni, she's weird.


…Remember when I told you I like weird?

Si Jin quickly stopped writing on his journal when he heard a knock on the door, "Come in," He called while placing his book in one of the drawers of his table right before his guest could make it inside.

"Here is the minutes of last week's meeting, just what you asked for," His guest Seo Dae Young went inside, holding up a scroll on his hand, "Councilor Yoon extended his thanks after a victorious battle,"

"It's all thanks to you," Si Jin smirked as he received the thick scroll and reviewed its contents, "Even if I'm the one giving the directives, you're doing all the dirty works,"

"You're as humble as ever, Yoo Si Jin," Dae Young remarked, tossing a bright-colored bag on his table. Just by looking at it, Si Jin knew they were another bag of medicine that came from his father, "But thick-headed when it comes to your health. Here, Yoo-uichangseong sent this,"

"Great. Now he's breathing on both of our necks. How does it feel? Don't you feel chained up? Restrained from doing what you want to do?"

"Are you still not in good terms with him?"

"Not yet," Si Jin sighed as he took a whiff of the foul-smelling medicine and immediately closed it, "I'm not wasting my time drinking this disgusting concoction. Geundae... Does Councilor Yoon know about it already?"

"Your...whatever's happening in your body right now?" Dae Young asked, and the minister nodded, "The Councilor does not know a thing, that is unless you told Myung Joo,"

"I told her I was lovesick," Si Jin chuckled when he remembered that day when he first saw the woman named Kang Mo Yeon. "She probably has an idea, but she has no full knowledge about it."


"Hey, do you perhaps remember a woman named Kang Mo Yeon?"

"Kang Mo Yeon-ssi?" The name was familiar to his ears as well, "She's the woman who attended to you,"

"Jinja? Tell me how she performed,"

"Like a normal doctor would," Dae Young sat comfortably on the soft throw pillows in front of his friend’s table, "Though she seemed like a frail, unconfident one. Nevertheless, she was good at handling acupuncture needles. Why do you ask?"

Si Jin sighed, remembering the memory of her in his mind...

...the way she looked at him like he had captured her eyes—just as she captured his...

...the way her long dress flew along with the wind as she ran, even the moment she almost tr

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