You are my DO (YAMD)


Posted on wattpad before~ I'll just post here again! 


Park Chanyeol and Do Kyungsoo. A best friend forever. Their friendship were broken. Their heart were hurt. Acting like strangers for a long time. Is there still a chance for them to make up ?

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29 streak #1
Chapter 3: Oh my, u can sketch u??!!! WoOoOoW.... it's soo good.. also I understand ur story line! Hahaha...

Good job!
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Chapter 2: Aww it's soo sad and beautiful... Chanyeol said in the letter that" if I die, I will take u with u" it's so heartbreaking that their Destiny was like this... beautiful..

Good job author nim!
nammy93_ #3
Chapter 1: This is so sad! Did Kyungsoo also died? He had a disease, is it? Hmm