The Parallel Life

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When Luhan meets Kim Minseok in Kim Xiumin's body in the year of 2017, while General Kim Minseok is a lost soul from the 14th Century. It seems like a perfect encounter until the owner of the body might not be the person Kim Minseok thinks of. 




That’s it, there goes his life. Kim Minseok can see his life was brought away, was pulled out from his body. There goes his life. That is the end of the life of the Warrior Kim Minseok. Truth to be told, Minseok had never thought that his life will end up like this. He never thought to die this young; he never thought that he will die without leaving at least a spouse, a bunch of kids. As what he had remember, few minutes before all of his soul being brought out from his body, even though he once had thought the probability of dying in the battlefield, but he had always thought that he will eventually survives all the war and will die at the age of 70, surrounded by his old wife and kids who already have their own child and their own partner. He lives the 27 years of his life thinking that maybe, just maybe that he will die in a very peaceful way, much calmer than dying at the end of the enemy’s sword. But, 2 seconds before his life ended, the only thing that he can wish about is to be born again in a whole new dimensions of world, where he didn’t have to get up at 3 in the morning after a sleepless night just to get ready and prepare for another fight with a bunch of strangers that he needs to kill in order to save his already ruined country. Since he is 13, he had always asked his father on why they need to fight with strangers that could be way better than their own arrogant and greedy king but the only reply he got is a slap on a face from his father. He said that the only thing that Kim Minseok needs to think about is on how to become a high rank soldier, so that his father won’t be humiliated as a high ranking warrior himself.

“well well well, the strong General  Kim Minseok is finally defeated by my sword, finally, finally you realized your own place, which is at the bottom of my shoes” that’s the last word he heard and for sure, it’s not a very good sentence to end a life, but that’s how the General Kim Minseok died, at the end of the 14th century, leaving his already ruined country in the hand of the strangers who he believed will finally save the country from the cruel king. 




There goes his life, there goes the life of a troublemaker Luhan at the end of his 27th birthday. He knows that at that age, he should be celebrating his birthday with his family and friends instead of going to party with strangers he knows on line. he thought that it will be adrenaline challenging to go out with a group of people he just knew and celebrating one of the important date with people outside of his comfort zone. But little did he know that the group he be looking out to spend his birthday together is just a bunch of another troublemakers who took others’ possession to make living. And at the end of his life, he discovered that his life will be ended at the end of a knife as he tries to defend his wallet and car. Nonetheless he did, he is alone at that moment, trying to defeat a group of 5 young boys who are very eager to take his expensive car.

“so sorry bro, it seems like this birthday is the last one for you” one of the boys smirk as he stabbed Luhan, officially a 27 years old guy at that time.

Well, that seems a bit too dramatic and tragic but not enough emotion isn’t’ it?

So Luhan wake up at the hospital, surrounded by his family and friends who he believes is trustable and not to mention a whole lot of wires around his body.


“he wakes up!”

“doctor! Call the doctor”

“go get the doctor” he can hear the whole chaos made by his parents and best friend’s voices before he pulled into the unconscious state again.




When he finally woke up, he finds no one there except the one patient who sits beside his hospital bed. He believes that he is still in the hospital seeing on the white wall and the IV drop besides his bed. ‘

“Hey, you finally wake up” that one guy who sits there says and he look up at him.

“You sleeps so well” he laugh and Luhan tries to sit up.

“Where is my family?”

“I guess they went back, and I’m Kim Minseok, General Kim Minseok” Luhan snorted as he heard that and the stranger raised his eyebrows.

“Why did you laugh?”

“What do you mean by General, do you think we are in few centuries back?” and the stranger let out a deep breath and look down on his broken leg.

“This is so hard though. Okay, my name is Xiumin, but to be honest, I’m Kim Minseok. i died few hundred years ago and when I woke up, I’m in this guy’s body. His soul has left him and our soul get tangled somewhere and he died meanwhile I get into his body, I guess” Luhan can’t contain his laugh as he let a loudest laugh he ever had that month that cause his wound on his tummy hurt.

“I think you supposed to get admit into a mental hospital dude”

“What do you mean by dude, is that somehow a new word?” and Luhan continue shaking his head as he look at that stranger, a pretty stranger to be honest” he lied back as he whisper,

“I hope you get well soon man”

“I wish the same for you too, man” and Luhan laugh at the awkward reply. 








- author notes- 


hi guys, im back.. after more than 1 year.. i finally gonna write again.. it may not be as good as my previous fics (Convenience and Faithfully With You) since i've stayed too long in my hiatus, and my writing get rusty.. but yes, im totally excited to start all over again-



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