Crossed Paths

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Crossed Paths

A story of a young man crossing paths with a person opposite of him that would change his life forever.



P.S. This is a gender-bender story. If this is not your kind of story then you are welcome to leave this section. =) And this is my first time writing a fanfiction or the likes. Please bear with me.


P.S.S. This is purely fictional. Everything that describes the characters here doesn't portray their real personas. This fic is only for fun and to satisfy the deprivation of royal shippers and meant no harm.


P.S.S.S. I know that Jessica is the sweetest person on earth. =)


Major Characters:

Kwon Yul

The Mischievous Chic-Magnet. Engineering. is an outgoing and friendly kind of guy, also the one that you can't easily defeat when it comes to basketball because that is his passion aside from being an engineer. He is neither rich nor poor, just average and has been living his life simple and quiet with his family and friends. Yul had just graduated from high school and still looking for the best university that gives high quality education to prepare him for his future as an engineer. Then suddenly, he bumped into someone that would introduce him in a whole new world.



Jessica Jung 

The Alluring Princess. Business. is a daughter of a well known business tycoon in South Korea that is the biggest shareholder in Eclare Group, their business is known for five-star hotels and resorts. To provide everything for their children, the parents decided to build school for elites as well as started their business in shopping malls. That's why Jessica grew up being spoiled, willful and became a happy-go-lucky type because she does not need to worry about her future. Until she met someone that would change her views in life.



Minor Characters: 

Kim Taeng

The Sporty Heartthrob. Engineering. A 2nd-year college student and the son of one of the biggest conglomerate in South Korea. He is chosen to be the team captain of basketball varsity because of his undefeated stance. Their business is well-known in the real estate industry. And they also started building their own Engineering firm as his father ventured in erecting extravagant buildings globally, that's why he's taking Engineering. The boyfriend of Tiffany Hwang.



Tiffany Hwang

The Hot Chic. Fashion Designing. A first-year college student and the heiress of Hwang Empire. She aspires to be the most wanted designer in the whole world. She takes whatever is thrown at her because she is competitive and independent woman. The girlfriend of Taeng.



Choi Sooyoung

The Funny Guy. Info Tech. The heir of the leading multinational electronics group. The same as others, he studied in EU since he was a kid. He's a playful guy and food maniac but also a beast in basketball court. The boyfriend of Sunny.



Sunny Lee

The Energizer. Business. They own the leading multidisciplinary professional services firm in South Korea. Most of the companies trust them as their partners. She grew up in U.S. and migrated to Korea when she was in High School. She is an optimistic girl and friendly. The girlfriend of Sooyoung.



Im Yoong

 The Pretty Boy. Engineering. His family belongs to the third generation business conglomerate. He loves to snoop around and bug his friends whenever they are together. He is smart and witty. But a s*cker in love.




The Sophisticated. Music & Theatre. She is the sister of Taeng. Their family has also a musician background. Their mother was a well-known artist and their father-side is already big in business. Seohyun grew up prim and proper, opposite of Taeng, but her relationship with her brother is tighter than anyone else.


Kim Hyoyeon

The Dancing Machine. Music and Theatre. The cousin of Taeng. He's been living in Las Vegas, pursuing his dancing career there at such young age. He's in a relationship with Nicole since High School because they get along well and they have the same dream which is dancing. He's also part of the circle of friends until he resided in Las Vegas.



Nicole Jung

The Attractive Dreamer. She's not pursuing college because she's already paid much in her dancing career in Las Vegas. She wants to be the most wanted choreographer globally so she competes in every dance events together with her lover.



Amber Liu

The Musician. Senior High. He is a successor of A Star Group. The best in entertainment and media industry. He's a playful guy but loyal to his dream girl/best friend, Krystal. He's Sooyoung's cousin, he comes along with them whenever they hang out.


Krystal Jung

The Charismatic Girl. Senior High. She's the little sister of Jessica, an aspiring vet. Her father allowed her to take veterinary since Jessica is already there, building her skills to dominate the business world. She is a sweet girl and charismatic. All boys always have their jaw hanging whenever she passes by because of her mysterious aura and pretty face.


Here’s the new chapter! Pardon my repeating words. Writing is already hard as it is >.< haha

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Come back here bcoz i miss this story so much..
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Author.. update please. I miss this story so much.
Chapter 51: Yulsic so hot... I like it!
Chapter 51: Yuri being wild is super hot. Dunno why but I think Sica wants Yuri to impregnate her lol
Chapter 51: So hot, YulSic!!
Chapter 51: Maybe what Hyukjun is true. Mr Junf may try to separate Yulsic but unfortunately he doesn’t know that Yuri’s seed has swarmed into Jessica’s :P
munyil_cutez #7
Chapter 51: wow, yulsic so hot wkwkwk
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Chapter 51: wow, yulsic so hot wkwkwk