My Love Journey


Hyunseung found his first love twelve years ago.

Unfortunately, the boy, who is his first love moved away.



Next, he thought when his mother wanted him to get married to her old friend's son, it will help him to forget his first love and this will make it as his second love.




However, he found the third love during he got his second love, making he choose either the second love or the third love.



Now, he's hoping the love that he chose will be last forever...



Hi JUNSEUNG shippers!


This is Malay and dialogue in English, also  story. Don't like, don't read.


To readers who subscribed my other JUNSEUNG story, I PROMISE I LOVE YOU FOREVER...I'm sorry for my lack update because I'm in final year starting next week. I'll be busy with assignments and thesis.


This story is A GIFT for you because my love for JUNSEUNG couple! 



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twice10tion #1
Chapter 1: Why must so cute~? Tgh imagine if this real..
Sedih sbb hyunseung dh keluar beast and junseung story dah x banyak... Thanks for this story! ^^
Chapter 1: "Like what you see?"Hyunseung terasa pipinya berbahang. Dia mengalihkan matanya ke tempat lain. Junhyung ketawa kecil. Dia memakai semula cermin matanya.

thank you for the story huhu junseung pun dah makin kurang dah sekarang huhu.
iecha_chacha #3
Chapter 1: Awwwwww ≧﹏≦they r soo sweet n cute
Thanks for this ^^