Quacks like a Slytherin


Baekhyun, a regular old 'Mudblood' from Gryffindor might be in a love-hate relationship with the Slytherin Pureblood Park Chanyeol. Also featuring minor Kaisoo, in which the Hufflepuff Seeker Jongin is madly in love with Do Kyungsoo and is very intent on declaring it to the world.


The whole pureblood vs mudblood thing ? It always simmers under the surface. Blood purity might be a thing that's not openly talked about but it's very much alive and well. Baekhyun being completely and wholly muggleborn has always been a target. Now in his sixth year, he gives as good as he gets, insults easily rolling off his tongue because you have to defend yourself even if you think it's stupid and a waste of time. He can now insult a Slytherin pureblood in his sleep, has engaged with verbal wars with almost half of them. It's sort of a thing a Gryffindor does.


But there are some Slytherins who think even engaging in verbal war is beneath them. Park Chanyeol is one of them. While most Slytherins seem human with their hexes and stupid pranks, Chanyeol never pranks, never engages in any good-natured (or otherwise) house rivalry shenanigans. The general consensus is that too high and mighty for such things, what with being the only son of current Minister of Magic and having a reputation to uphold and all that. For someone so hung up on status and image, he sure has a nice smile, Baekhyun thinks, which is totally unfair. Because otherwise, Chanyeol is everything he resents - especially since that day in first year when he innocently wandered over to the Slytherin table and stuck out his hand, blurted out that he wanted to Chanyeol's friend. The taller boy was funny looking, had a nice smile and Baekhyun had still not absorbed the house rivalry thing yet. He did get it, that day when Chanyeol stared at his hand and then looked away.

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Artmis1376 0 points #1
Chapter 58: wow , Is chanyeol now darker than dark lord? haha
with some irony , a dementor as u mention has a life time of darkness by killing and stealing souls, owning souls
which may be far more , the number of the avada kedavra s dark lord has done
he is now owner of a souls owner which is contemplating because chanyeol is far far intelligent than a stupid dementor
if this theory was right , and if he could take this amount of power under his control ..... :)))
Chapter 58: just imagine swallowing a whole Dementor.....
Chapter 58: Oh hiiii...i just read this chapter and wooooowwwwwwwww...im scared of baekhyun's life. But im glad that they didnt find out about their relationship.. but..will he die, the dark lord? I mean in the future chanbaek will get married right? Im just curious kkkk
Sample #4
Chapter 58: I am absolutely in love with this universe. I can sense that the story is taking the next step as well. I can’t wait to see chanbaek’s characters also take on a more mature form as well. ^^
Iyesss #5
Chapter 21: I re-read this again, and I'm gonna say it again, this part is just tooo cuteee.. Baek really hv low self control around Yeol I'm cracking ???
huhaha #6
Chapter 58: chanyeollllllll your happiest memory *cries*........and i was scared that the dark lord would bring baekhyun just like jongins dad...i felt so bad for jongin...*cries again*
aaAAAHHH chanyeol's happiest memory is of baekhyun :') i'm anticipating what is to come next with this fic, i'll keep my eyes open with this one hehe keep going authornim~ :)
porini #8
Chapter 58: Well yeah maybe not making a huge jump is better. I am liking this.
Alphin410 #9
Chapter 58: The happiest memory of Chanyeol is his tiny Gryffindor. Alright. Let's see what will happen next..
squishyXOXO #10
Chapter 58: Oh goshhh. .. This story tooooo gooodddd