Quacks like a Slytherin


Baekhyun, a regular old 'Mudblood' from Gryffindor might be in a love-hate relationship with the Slytherin Pureblood Park Chanyeol. Also featuring minor Kaisoo, in which the Hufflepuff Seeker Jongin is madly in love with Do Kyungsoo and is very intent on declaring it to the world.


The whole pureblood vs mudblood thing ? It always simmers under the surface. Blood purity might be a thing that's not openly talked about but it's very much alive and well. Baekhyun being completely and wholly muggleborn has always been a target. Now in his sixth year, he gives as good as he gets, insults easily rolling off his tongue because you have to defend yourself even if you think it's stupid and a waste of time. He can now insult a Slytherin pureblood in his sleep, has engaged with verbal wars with almost half of them. It's sort of a thing a Gryffindor does.


But there are some Slytherins who think even engaging in verbal war is beneath them. Park Chanyeol is one of them. While most Slytherins seem human with their hexes and stupid pranks, Chanyeol never pranks, never engages in any good-natured (or otherwise) house rivalry shenanigans. The general consensus is that too high and mighty for such things, what with being the only son of current Minister of Magic and having a reputation to uphold and all that. For someone so hung up on status and image, he sure has a nice smile, Baekhyun thinks, which is totally unfair. Because otherwise, Chanyeol is everything he resents - especially since that day in first year when he innocently wandered over to the Slytherin table and stuck out his hand, blurted out that he wanted to Chanyeol's friend. The taller boy was funny looking, had a nice smile and Baekhyun had still not absorbed the house rivalry thing yet. He did get it, that day when Chanyeol stared at his hand and then looked away.


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Chapter 65: YES THE TWINS
Alisha0074 #2
Oh god their antics!!!
Baek riding chanyeol ! And hahahah yeah xiumin and jongin :D
LMAO I am still laughing at Baek riding Chan post. Chan has never learn from the past, Baek would always find opportunity to ride him! Also, yes, when was a time when Chanyeol has defernces over Baekhyun? The answer is Never. :)
They are teasing us or thats how they act everyday. Yeay. Dont pressure urself dear, we dont want our precious authornim get sick or stressed out :)
flowbeat #6
I was watching a little snippets of the concert and everyone was like *Jonign bit Chanyeol YAY**Minseok bit Chanyeol YAY**Baekhyun was riding Chanyeol YAY* ...and I was like what the hell is Byun Baekhyun doing ??? O.O ..how did they even end up in this position in the first place? xDDD
I swear these guys are so weird xDDDD
Chapter 36: Half the time, I was struggling with the terms. From what I gathered, Aurors …fight bad wizards? Erm. Death eaters, well they more like remind me of an anime—the Soul Eater thing that people transforms into guns or big darn scythe, whatever floats their boat. I don’t even know animagus. My knowledge about hp world is about the size of a peanut. I am very much a muggle in this regard and im sometimes too lazy to even hit up google for answers. The movies…well, I must say I enjoyed the Azkaban part and the first installment. That’s it. The rest, I admit I watched them like I would to a basketball preliminary match—because im much into kpop or rather watch running man or a ghibli film. But I do remember the part they take toilets as portals! Heh.
I just thought it would be cool if you had put up some mini dictionary thingy every end of chap whenever a new unheard term pops up when we read, sorry. Or maybe its just me complaining. And its already too much late, me saying about these things when clearly this comment will appear in chapter 36– and that you had already written a horrifying numbers of chapters. 69? How did you do that?? I cant do that. If I’ll attempt maybe I could go until five and then a wonderful writers block will prance along my consciousness, we’ll hold hands and it wont be too wonderful but I cant complain much. Does my ranting make sense?

If it doesn’t, please ignore it.
Okay, reviews.
Here. Im quite fascinated when a person of high ranking speaks—say, godric or the vampire madam. You made them so believable and I want to hear from them more, their words seem to hold a lot of hints of the future to come –but I don’t like too vague though—because again the questions on my head will pile, realizing for the nth time how im an idiot at this. I don’t know but I actually want to hear from the happy squid again, I picture him somehow as Gandalf, old characters are cool when they actually turn to fight.
Baekhyun liking chanyeol? I figured that the latter knows. But I hadn’t quite predicted the moments of confessing after that. Imagining a furious chanyeol yelling his feelings to a stubborn Gryffindor is quite amusing. I actually like the part where he went smug declaring that he’ll never have a one-sided love—that’s because I already know whats his implying! Ha-ha! And it surprised me he spilled more beans than I thought he would. I thought the hiding of feelings will be prolonged. That’s just me enjoying seeing a clueless baek. Haven’t I told you I like chanyeol being soft at times?? His persona turns 180. In the way to hogsmeade, I thought the first year child was Yeol, still freakin sassy and very much snapy but will hold baek’s hand to town even in the form of a child. The subsequent moments shattered my imagination though. Hah. I never really know what lies ahead, in times, like byun, I give up.
Lastly the kaisoo. Jongin doesn’t often get a screentime but Kyungsoo does. Ah, I would always want a sassy Kyungsoo than a docile one. He’s so cute, threatening all kinds of life forms by just his eyebrows alone. He’ll be so glaring, fooling you to think of him as someone who never thought to want a love life. Hah! Do Kyungsoo!
Love love
Now that I looked at this, the entire thing I wrote looked like an essay? I know you might like this though. You smiled at some parts did you? And you might be crazy enough to read the whole thing again from the top. Go on. this is supposed to be posted in a03...but i cant find the fic? why is that? ao3 has a better format and directs to you to fic easily so i tried refreshing the engine four times to no avail.

Have a good day

p.s. what the frog is wrong with chanyeol?? I so wanna bang that slytherins head on a wall! That fiend!
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Call me weird but I really like the fact that the dark side is going to win here - not really because I think they're right but just because I think it's pretty interesting to see what could've been - espescially as this here also shows it very darkly all in all
Is it bad that I'm rooting for the Dark side. I have a twisted mind I know..
Man!!!!!!!!!! Chen got bamboozled by Xiumin tho. I wasn't aware of their relationship rip me >//<
Baekhyun and Kyungsoo are finally fighting back yaaaaaasss